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Country Discussion Topics
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In spite of......
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-24-2004 at 12:20:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
........ my own all morning on going depression. Depression I have not completely earned nor worked for, under cloudy skies or low pressure weather systems, I have finally found three bright spots to make my day, above and beyond all the standing waters and MUD that has come to flood my life of late. Frieda and I both woke up alive this morning; and, I heard the Ollie run steadily for a three-quarters an hour, that we had been working on all winter. Halleluiah!
On the absurd not so funny side of observing life in all its natural elements I have to laugh at natures animals and birds making the best of their situations.
My old friend Whitey the skunk (who has visited us before)(black nose and belly with a very narrow black streak running down his back) took up a drier residency in my barn last night. Embarrassed to see me spotting him napping in his temporary digs this morning, he soon took to waddling his unwelcome butt out of the barn towards his wilderness area beyond the barnyard fence. I can‘t say I was disappointed to see him go. But, just the same he did have a cute waddle. He should be rather popular with his girls.
Then, Going around the block, for something different to see, for an invited cup of coffee at our country crossroads equivalent, I certainly did. In bean and corn fields where I saw water puddles the depths I have never seen imagined possible, they were supporting ducks and geese, like I had not seen them before. These guys not tipping up as ducks and geese do, they had fluid depths enough to dive, completely disappearing from view in fields normally dry this time of year.
What a weird Spring. Can hardly wait to see what Summer, Fall, and Winter have to offer after these last two/three weeks?

P.S. Must appoligise for an incomkplete observation. Looking at all thet water foul, I couldn't tell which ducks or gooses were dedicated MILs. LMAO.

EngineerJoyce    Posted 05-24-2004 at 12:52:05       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Well, Fernan, we got different irritations here but with the same end result - nothing accomplished.
Need to load out a wandering heifer: there's a new hole in our fence and one at the neighbors, the hubby has an injured wrist and the heifer remains. Either time for a tranquilizer or some good old fashined lead poisoning.

Hubby cut a little alfalfa for square baling: rain chances keep increasing every time we check, the wagon hitch for the baler isn't complete, so we gotta do it the hard way - bale onto the ground then pick it up. And with me being a wimp (darn office jobs...) and the hubby lame, this evening's haying may be interesting.

At least the 5-year old girl can now say she "drove the tractor all by herself". Somebody's gotta steer the darn thing.

Congratulations on the Ollie. After all that work, I bet it sounded better'n Mozart!

Best of luck,

jfky    Posted 05-24-2004 at 18:24:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
I got smart and rolled the hay-life is too short to beat yourself over the head for 200 square bales. If you can make your life easier do it. I am reminded of the Johnny Cash song where he says "we are learning a lot of new things in here-things like.......

geo. h    Posted 05-24-2004 at 12:47:14       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You got OLLIE in shed and little stinker in barn sounds like your starten a motel, next yull have RUBEN sneeken in LOL.On a more serious note, im glad to here you got your oliver going, what size is it? we had s88 diesel we got new, very nice tractor back then. Have goodun&STAY OUTA DA MUD GEO.H

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