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Pick up spring problem
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NilsDK    Posted 02-13-2001 at 13:59:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi all I am preparing my pick up for the periodic safety check and got in trouble width the rear spring blades.During the years there has built up some rust betwen the blades where they are bulted to the shaft,and that has made a bit of distance betven the blades.Is it possible to get that away widthout dismounting the whole spring and take it apart. I am a bit late by the preparing becauce I spent too much time at this board (my wifes opinion). Thanks in advance for anny help.

Nathan(GA)    Posted 02-13-2001 at 19:20:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nils, Not exactly sure what you got there, but if I understand correctly, you should jack it up. Lift the truck from the bumper or other body part and let the rear hang to separate the springs somewhat. Then clean as best you can. Maybe some emory cloth in a roll slid between the springs. Be sure to put some jack stands under the truck before working under it.

IHank    Posted 02-13-2001 at 15:40:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Nils- I've heard many scary tales about European vehicle inspections- in short they are more "money oriented shake down" than for good effect? You tell us the truth about that someday, please.

The answer you gotta work with is gonna come from your local inspection authority. You're gonna do as they say, like it or not... Inquire for technical info. early and then do your best as to repair and maintenance activity before you go in for the inspeciton.

Talking tech now... The problem you describe is common and I've seen it many times over the years. It's just part of the truck "wearing out".

Park the un-loaded (no cargo in it) truck on a level surface. Step back and look at it. Does it have any corners hanging low? It should reasonably level side to side, but might have some end to end height differences, especially if the rear springs are heavy duty option.

Check for missing, as well as broken but still stuck in place, spring leaves. If you got any, replace the spring packs on both sides right away and don't fool around with it.

If none are broken/missing, you can figger that it will start happening soon... Better to do it and avoid a hassle with the inspectors, but more importantly to avoid a break down out on the road with a heavy load at a bad time for yourself.

Replacing a spring pack is not a DIY at home job! Ask around about what repair shops in your area have a good reputation as to the repairs needed. A good & competent shop will have a lower job cost than one that isn't really into it in a big way... They'll also know the answers regds. the inspection, so your "inquery" can be somewhat discreet. But, keep in mind that they probably all hang out together at the same pub!

Good luck and I'm hoping you won't need it! IHank

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