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Country Discussion Topics
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YesterDay’s activities
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-26-2004 at 18:48:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
A head what felt like twenty pounds upon a kinked neck, I get to face another day on Earth. The 1850 Ollie running sooth as silk around noon yesterday was a cause for celebration. Maybe I should have? Might have laid different on my neck last night? Avoiding a kinked neck. Hmmmm, rather have remained the primary pain in Clink’s neck than establishing one in my own? While there well maybe a lesson of justice in my wayward thinking I am not going to look for it.
Running chores late last night my bull calf charge let me know where he was and ready for me his bottle. With him supposedly still on his ma, I haven’t broke him to a pail. This I‘d have done were he orphaned and confined to a stall. Still, there is something more intimate about bottle feeding, than just plopping a bucket in front of a young animal. About the hardest stuff to face these mornings are the muddy yards having to tread the mud sucking, over the ankle depths of the stuff, to dole-out thirty-five, seventy, or hundred-forty pounds and more varied weights of supplemented ground corn. That is twice a day. Luckily once a day, there’s the sloshing though the sea’s of mud where there where once dried tire tracks to tractor deliver heavy weight hay bales followed by more foot slogging to hoist and reset an eight foot hay-ring over these offerings.
Chores done, thinking coffee I walks into Clink giving me news Dr. Moss wants to see me. She’s my eye Dr. for the macular degeneration. Okay! Still going to drink coffee, and while I’m getting into it Dr. George’s office calls. He wants to see me also. He is our family physician. Now isn’t just ducky? I try worming my way out of that one; but, it was no dice. Tried negotiating for a rain day’s visit. It worked and it also started raining again before I saw the coffee cup’s inner bottom. I went to see Dr, George. He makes it a bad news/good news situation, “You’ve got bad blood; and, I saved a whole bunch of money switching to Gecko.” He he ho ho ha ha. Very funny. Sitting there I managed a first time in a long time on the premises water-haul in a plastic cup. Then his lovely technician drew near enough blood to make gravy and then they all returned me to my own devices.
Morning shot, thinking lunch, Dave shows up. Roy’s got the skid steer stuck in one of the yards moving hay. Neither he nor Dave can tread these mud’s with their artificial limbs. I got to go equip to go and go get him. He was stuck alright having bellied her in real good form. Loved strapping that machine, bragged up, abilities to do everything! He he, It couldn’t get itself out this time. Hearty har har.
A quick hot dog for lunch Dave took me to see the lovely Dr, Moss. Same Doctor with the pretty ears I talked about three or four months ago. She tells me my right eye’s vision had improved. But, then she was not looking at the same things I was, nor in the same light. Inspiration helps. Eyes dilated, vision generally fuzzed up, late in the afternoon, to heck with it. I came home and the Sun’s shine finally shows a brighter face around here. And, that did not last long. Then I get a report a fence is down. Traveling the two miles, that was fixed, the evening light dimming. A late supper, and I was soon out of it.

KellyGa    Posted 05-26-2004 at 19:44:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Goodness Fern. I am glad to hear your vision is better, that is a plus, even if your day was shot in the patootie! SOme days are like that, you just can't get a thing done. I had a very productive day today, for once, Ian even mentioned that I had done a lot today, wow, he never notices anything! Being as there was only a pathway through half of the house with all the yard sale items stacked everywhere as I priced them, he just about had to notice I had cleared it all out, and stacked it all under the carport. :) It was hot today, and humid. I don't know what I am gonna do with the dang buffs, they keep picking on the sussex. One got trapped in the run, you know how it is, there is a door, bu they just don't get it, they go to the corner of the run and mash themselves against the wire trying to get away. I had to go intervene as one of the buffs plucked a few feathers and tried to stomp the poor young chicken. As long as they are out free roaming, they are okay, they still keep to their own group, but they are okay. That buff did not like the fact that the sussex was in the run. :( I guess I am going to build an additional run and cover it with tarp for shelter soon, I am not going to be able to put them together when I go to Florida, they will kill the sussex. Maybe if they are in side by side runs, and the susex get big, things will look up. I sure hope so.

Tinker    Posted 05-26-2004 at 19:03:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
My goodness Fern.. you've been a busy boy! I hate to say this.. but theres more rain on the way. We've had four hours of hard rain and its heading eastward... Driveway is flooded over,and I see some deep gullies in the neighbors fields.

Jeez, I feel bad    Posted 05-26-2004 at 19:09:38       [Reply]  [No Email]

about the rain you folks are having to deal with. This weather deal is an old killer to try to figure out.

If it helps at all, I'm pullin for you all. Hang in there.

Best regards,

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