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Country Discussion Topics
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A Brighter Day’s ........
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-27-2004 at 19:08:58       [Reply]  [No Email]

........Report, Ha Ha
Managed to get some snaps of the man behind the “old beard face” doing something other than complaining about the weather, today. Now, just to clear up any misgivings as what I am doing in this snap, I’ll explain. Seeing as how Clink has decided to kick me out of her bed, I am actually trying to paint my very own personal new bed. It would have been a lot easier if some idiot had not left a bunch of tin laying all over it.
Backing up for a moment, what a difference a night and a day make. Some of the yards are trying to dry up. What a pleasant change to look out over the landscape from on top of the earth, rather than mucking around looking up out of the mire only to see rain laddened clouds filling the skies dripping or dumping it all over me..
It indeed pleasured me checking out, tattooing, and tagging a heifer calf this morning. Don’t have actual count, but suspect we’ve had more bulls than heifers born to us this year than most. It was after turning the calf loose I actually did my highly tech-nickel bed frame painting. That finished and moving on I prepared away for lunch and hay checking, for an afternoon’s bailing, to save eighty percent of the crop I had mowed last week. Somebody calls me and says it is going to rain. That was not what I wanted to hear, especially feeling it permeating my shirt giving me cold chills standing in the reality of it. Murphy’s Law is on my trail and catching up. Brief shower and the rain has passed. Option to mow some yard about the house to allow more dry time. A couple hours pass, and I take to working the machinery around about the muddy yards to save mudding up the bailer’s pickup. It was also necessary to do this to get around the cows demanding greener pastures, they are not getting until the first cutting taken off. Any day I expect a up rising, but I’ll hold the ground. Half way through the bailing the tractor pto starts slipping. Lost it before I could wrap this tractor’s last bail. Nuts! Dave’s tractor is leaking and water in Hydraulic oil. The one in the shop is still at least a couple weeks away from service. And, I had figured the crop hauled in and shrink wrapped before supper. Now I’m worrying about another postponed meal.
Then it looked like a job for the old switcher-roo kid. Drop Ollie and bring in Johny. Really like switching things around. Getting older, slower, this process is becoming a bit frightening, particularly in/on soft ground. Any thoughts of hauling in the crop and wrapping it today. Wrong-o!
A change of mind we try adjusting up the Ollie’s pto to no avail. Hard telling the last time it had been worked on or adjusted up, could be it has given all it is going to give. I’ll be back to switching power units in the morning. And if things enough had not gone badly enough for one day, the same calf I took the vitals on this morning broke a leg. What a gasser. Had to call in Samuel’s help to put an end to the suffering critter’s pain.
So, now it is tomorrow. Is going to be another busy day. Continued haying the unfinished parts, the hauling, and wrapping. And now, a funeral thrown in. I’ve got all this to look forward too while I do my evening chores. And the single almost brightest moment in my whole day was when I took a look at my reflection in a quiet creek pool out back. Seeing a lot of green fungus in that water I have got to do something about cleaning up that creek‘s clarity. I Had no idea that creek’s clearly sand and rocky bottom was so mossy? But before then, I swear I’m going to take an evening off and take a nap so to be well rested for a good long night’s sleep.
So that's it today folks, sorry, I'm gone.

Alias    Posted 05-28-2004 at 00:28:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi Fern,

Despite all the things that happens in your life, you're telling of it is superb.

Now let me see if I have this right:

1) You lost your bed.

2) You are painting a new one.

3) The PTO on your tractor quit.

4) Your calf broke it's leg.

5) You're so tender hearted you had to call in a
sub-contractor to make a hit on the animal.

6) Now you have to put off your barnyard tuxs and
get dressed for a funeral.

7) And, on top of all that, you're not getting
your meals on time.

Man, oh man, I don't know how you keep the pace. A lessor man would have thrown up his hands and said to he11 with it. But, not you Fern. Cause, you're a man among men; a force to be reckoned with; a nevah say quit go-getter. In short, Fern, you are the man. And, my hats off to you.

And, I hope and pray that more sunshine sheds it's light on your days and you get your tractor back from the shop and you get your hay in and the cows can be moved to greener pastures and mostly, I hope you change the color of that bed because green just ain't a pleasing, quiet envoking, restful color. Naw, everytime you lay in that bed and look at the footboard, your going to see green. And that will make you think of meadows ripe for cutting. And, you'll visualize a broken PTO and Hay rotting after a 4 day rain storm, and little three legged calfs crow hopping along trying to find the man with the bottle and in short, what should have been a restful night's sleep will turn into a nightmare.

Fern. I woke up about 30 minutes ago and I can tell you all about nightmares. They ain't very well gaited. All they do is give you a butt thumping trot. It's 3:08 am and I have nothing better to do than write this lengthy response. maybe somebody will find some humor in it.

Have a good day Fern, you have earned one....gfp

DD    Posted 05-27-2004 at 19:41:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
WHEW! Fern, I know most 20 year olds who couldn't keep up with you and all you do each day. Bless your Heart (((HUGS))) Sorry to hear about the lil calf too. I'll be asking that all your tomorrows are better days for you : )

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