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Part One Fridayís just.........
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-28-2004 at 19:22:52       [Reply]  [No Email]

.........another day.
Chores done, tractors switched on the baler, a milk break needed to settle an upset stomach, Friedaís found another opportunity to feed me. Sometimes she gets me so fed-up, I canít move. And, I have to move. The ladies outback are making demands. The Bullís out of hay and thereís hay waiting to be bailed.
Needing a hand Frieda turns me down, something about watching a gate is beyond her scope. Needless to say this pries on my mind while I have to make four extra climbs on and off a tractor used to feed all these guys. The cows get a silage bale as well as the dry wrap off the bale Bulletís (a bull) about to get. Lucking out I manage to feed him and his temporary residence ladies without loosing a one, no thanks to the old bag flying the cussed sofa day in day out.
Thinking I have got it made one miss step dumped my butt right into the same mud I have become noted for complaining about these past weeks. My boots full, my pockets filled, and the gleam and shine on this White Knightís armor was no dually tarnished. The old woman could have come out and handled that gate. Might have even saved me a miss-step and I lamented upon it while I did a complete clothes change. This also helped to tick me off, for it wasnít even Saturday Night.
Clean clothing, a fresh water bottle, Iím heading for the JD and outback. Making a turn into the hayfield the same doe I have been seeing can not make up her mind which way to run to avoid my seeing her. Hadnít been to slow nor to far, I might have had a snap shot of her. Making umpteen rounds I rolled up six more bales. Nine and a half total it was time to haul for the wrapper.
Caned air for some flat tires, a roadway turn around for this old HM hay wagon I spot it in front of the barn. In to airing the wagon tires, the rest of the motley crew shows up. Readied, I take off to haul in the hay. They attend to the bale wrapper. My finishing my hauling, Roy and Dave having had their fun unstiking the wrapper from glazed clay and slippery grass, they relinquish the final wrapping machineís starting position to me.
Everything set we finally get to it, placing one bale after another. Roy will feed the machine to start it.

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