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Country Discussion Topics
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Sunday, First Day
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-30-2004 at 17:18:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Got some interesting over night news. Dear old Sally (I have spoke of her before) sick lately, I had not told it/her all. A week ago she lost a calf. Went into morning that lasted about a day or so to long. Brought her in, found her running a temp, and unclean. Shots and sheís feeling better. Contained in same yard with 324 whoís calf 996 she canít feed (not for lack of trying, age catching up with her) I have been bottle feeding for her 996 calf.
Seems between all these principals the calf has taken up to nursing off Sally. AND, Sally does not seem to mind, having taken to wet nursing cow 324's calf. Our having nothing to do with these relationships, trying, encouraging, forcing, we are amassed at Mother Natureís influence in the survivals of these critters. Lord: Give me just one more day to witness another miracle.
On a more personal note I could use some help with remedies for cramps or muscle spasms. Seems each and every climb I make on or off a machine just adds that much more tightness, drawing up of limbs, and pain to these nightly episodes. I think I would rather have three legged calf nightmares. Fell asleep about ten last night and awoke seven this morning. Best uninterrupted all night snooze Iíve had in a long time.
Up and at them early, well an early seven this morning. Not hearing any critters denying being overly fed, I have chores to do like any other morning. Sally was near ecstatic not having to have a shot. The calf was all over me before I had Bullet and 324 grained.
While I did what I had to do yesterday Roy and Dave worked replacing seals in Daveís tractorís pto gear box. Did a good job of it too, right up until it came to installing it where it belonged. Two attempts they failed. That was the fact, one of them admitted over the phone. It isnít an easy task for a whole man let alone for a couple disadvantaged.
Poking my nose into a locked shop, the naturally the fire balls are no where to be seen. Dave has taken my Fillis out for breakfast. Roy is either hugging his computer or watching television. I have the place to myself. I apply a second coat to a wheel I cleaned and primed yesterday. Dry by tomorrow Iíll remount the tire with an inner tube. A load of brush pilled on brush pile for burning , a trailer is emptied.
Still no one around Iíve earned a coffee break just the same. Itís my coffee and my break. Even a late starter seems I already got more done than the rest of them together.
By and By Dave shows up. We make three attempts to set the pto gear box correctly aligning the shifting forks and fingers to no avail. I insist upon a turn. Under my skill full guidance the whole assembly was correctly installed. Then checking the book, find an internal assembly mistake. The throw-out bearing is in upside down. Once more with myself at an improvised helm (a pipe fit over the pto output shaft, weíre home. Dave can finish bolting the assembly to gether for once and for all.
Roy wanting the shopís new (while old, itís new to us) Ollie Ďs fuel tank set in place. The help of the chain falls and a piece of rope the tank was easily set. Then these guys together have managed to lose all the related assembly parts for the fueling system. Moving, separating, confusion, mixing, and covering up the parts are found all over the shop. What ever happened to throwing everything in one box?
The other two late starters I was hungry. Leaving them I went to lunch carrying home some leftovers from a neighbors picnic they had dropped off. All Frieda had to do was dish it up. After lunch I hayed the ladies. Delivered a bale of hay to the horses a second time My daughter finally home to handle the gates and hold her critters back. Communed with the three of them for a few minutes. Had a good time. Looking at Rubens eyes seems heís developing cataracts. Guess heíll go blind. Vet hospital wants $1,800.oo per eye to fix them. Itís a shame, but he has a few good years ahead yet. Then it was back to work.
My pickup boxís tool box loosing itís lid yesterday I have to get it back on today. Oiling the frozen hinge, re-riveting the hinge to the lid, a whole bunch of varied body shop vice grips I work the rusted hinge loose. The hinge freed, I can re-rivet it to the tool box body. Somewhere in here I reset the pop-riveter to accept larger rivets, then immediately loose it. Looked everywhere having to give up and locate another one. Rains coming. The pressure is on. No point going over details, but some things just need their time to do.
Radio says were going to get rain in thirty-five minutes. Roy starts getting excited, giving orders, telling me this, telling me that. In essence I told him to shut up. Heís worrying about getting wet. I wasnít going to listen to him and do what needed doing. I have found I canít do it right in a hurry. That includes picking up tools and doing chores.
Did a quick version of evening chores atop the hill. Didnít refill or makeup all the buckets for morning. Starting the chores down the hill I brought Sally in first for Royís giving her her shots. He isnít talking to me, maybe my telling him to clam-up. Anyway, on from there, this eveningís feeding the calf Buddy and Butterscotch (barn cats) give the calf a good figure eight like type caressing on and around the calfís legs while the calf nursed the bottle in my hands. Though this was no miracle it was entertaining just the same. I think I saw my first barnyard rendition of a critters square-barn dance. After that it would take some very special to top it. And, Frieda almost made it with a trifle for our supperís dessert.
What a grand day I had, enjoying the all the little things in this rural zoo.
I hope all your days were as enjoyable as mine was.

DD    Posted 05-30-2004 at 18:31:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm glad to hear you got a good nites sleep Fern : ) And to hear Sally is taking over nursing the calf too.

Clod    Posted 05-30-2004 at 17:33:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
That was,Once again ,Interesting Fern.

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