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Country Discussion Topics
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Remembering Day
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-31-2004 at 17:37:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
Early to bed, late to rise again, with a right smarting midnight muscle spasm thrown in during the middle of the night.
More rain is supposed to be coming our way. Talk is three days of the stuff. So much of the stuff this year almost had a moot stretched around my castle. A new culvert out front lets that road water run by the house. Fording the creek between the house and barn was a good walking jump to keep one’s shoes dry, shoes a bad choice for mucking mud beyond. Paired ducks had thought about nesting in a water hole west of the house giving up when their nest came up high and dry with the hole drying up/down. And, no high water threat to the East where we have an natural emergency higher ground area from which to launch our form of an imaginary two by two animal ark.
Yup. Today is for remembering. Not having been in the service myself members of my family had. GG Grandfather lost his life captured and kept the in Anderson Ville Georgia prison having served the Union. My dad was a marine during the depression, telling me he participated in a police action in Guatemala. Coming home after fifty weeks service on furlough to visit his dying mother. Home, he received a military communiqué, to remain bivouacked where he was. They didn’t want him back. Got his official military discharge three years two weeks later. Seems the Federal Government couldn’t feed their military. Servicemen were dying of starvation in those days, fed on polished rice. And even later, an older cousin died in Korea of some disease he contracted in one of their worst Winter’s holding the line against the communist North Koreans. I miss him, named after my dad’s brother Earl. He once made me a pea shooter out of a willow using a piece of used baling wire to open, ream and enlarge a hole through the wood’s center. It was a wonder he never busted my butt, shoving me out of the hay mow in a barrel with a rope over a pulley tied to a bale of hay for ballast. He was a good egg and we both survived without our respective parents never finding out what we had been doing. Odd thing is, or beautiful thing was, I trusted him liking him alot.
Getting on to the lighter side of life, fed calf, slapped Sally on the rump and grained all three grown bovines their grain. Had coffee with Fillis and managed to have Dave watch the outer barnyard wire while I moved hay around. Two bales for down the road, four bales for me and one bale for the ladies. Moving these about lets me feed them from the home-yard without the ladies trooping out when I’m coming in with a bale for them. I’ll have everybody know, they are not a dumb as I sometimes look; and, my looks can be deceiving. Clink is still walking gingerly about the house not realizing I had replaced those wooden posts taken out of the basement the other day with steel. He he. I am enjoying this. Told her one of them came out from under her sofa. He he.
Got my tire remounted on my painted rim. Broke down another tire and reseated it to it’s corresponding rim. What else I did I don’t remember. But, Frieda’s desserts holding up well. They’re still good. Here’s hoping she constructed only half a trifle.
Drawing a good audience of some lovely young heifers I got the big baler out today to go over tomorrow. Cut out some SMVS and managed one coat of fluorescent paint before a rain shower dampened the afternoon. Opened the pto on a second Ollie seeing nothing wrong. Got to think about this. And, found radiator leaks on the new Ollie.
Forward and back, up and down, this way and that. Lots of leftover work for tomorrow and I was worried about whatever it was I couldn’t remember last week. Dig these big toys in a big sand box. Farming’s fun.
Until another time.

Chas in Me    Posted 05-31-2004 at 18:12:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Did my rememberin out in the field and in the shop. LOML (Love of My Life) planted, watered, mowed and weeded for the day. I started making a weeder out of spare parts bought at auction. Took home a bunch of beet cultivators and am hooking them to a toolbar. Adjusting and getting them not to drag on the tires took most of the time. Gave up and will rebuild the toolbar.
Quiet remembrence seems to fit me better than paredes etc. Lotta guys and gals died over the years just so I could work peacefully in my gardens.. I thanked them for that.

Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-31-2004 at 18:31:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Any body close to me gets hurt or dies, I hide out. Don't care to share my tears in public.
I might not have cried when FDR died but I was quiet for a couple days. Listening to his voice, he sounded like a person I would have liked to have had for a grandfather.
The worst was my dad's passing.
And pray we don't all forget those parents and spouces who have lost loved ones. They hurt the most for their loses.

Clod    Posted 05-31-2004 at 18:41:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
I enjoyed looking in on these.

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