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Great Day’s A-live
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 06-02-2004 at 17:51:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Chores finished between six and seven this morning is a habit I just as soon avoid. Being I like doing things in a gentlemanly way, ha ha. Dreaded phone call late last night. Had to fulfill the labor trade as was agreed on some six years a go. Actually had a good time. Arriving on the job site trucks hauling/dumping road materials for the house filled the driveway. The neighbor a kindly gentleman let us park in his yard. Getting to the house reminded me of the animals barnyards around here, wet and muddy, only without the green sliming slip/sliding fertilizer. Tracking only soil into the house I was shown the trouble. It happened the owner had purchased a modular home and the setters could not layout an acceptable set of basements stairs to meet the townships building codes.
Having been a long time since having worked with genuine carpentry tools and methods I spent some time thoughtfully looking over the situation, until I had brought up an old memory as to what I was supposed to know. He he. Measurements up and down, out and across, establishing beginnings and ends, I eventually came up with a plan. The first part I wished I was not there. Irregardless I was. Thankfully the home owner had a calculator. Whew! That thing saved a lot of brain strain. But assured by my Doctor as long as I knew my name I am supposed to be alright I wrote numbers just as if I knew what I was doing. Working upon a carpenter’s scratch pad (a block of wood) a picture eventually surfaced. A calculated change in a number here and there a detailed plan finally immerged. Fourteen seven and five-eighths inch by ten inched run steps down to a three and a half foot square decked landing and three more steps seven and a quarter inches by ten inches to the basement floor either way I had it. I had managed to satisfy the building codes and the home owner with acceptable lay out.
While the home owner routes-out the stair stringers for the treads this afternoon. I got back to farming. Tomorrow I will have to go back and help him hang them stairs in place.
I finished mowing the first-pasture outback this afternoon. Almost three hours to cut eight acres. Ground’s so wet, hay so heavy thought myself fortunate to make three miles per hour without plugs nor rollers wrapped in hay. Half way through the field it started raining. So, what else is news. Kept right ongoing as long as hay-conditioner worked. Now I got well watered, rained on, washed, rinsed, and laid out hay. Some decent sunshine should be baling dry hay in three and four days.
And, all that time I saw for wild life one measly rabbit. What a bore for a day in the rural wildlife zoo. Wait till I report this to my Michigan Tourism Council. That rabbit was down the road.
Next stop five acres 50/50 hay mix. That cut, better the chances for decent second cutting alfalfa. Tomorrow going to cut another pasture so we can get the cows out. Any time left will take on another 50/50 field for a second cut. Anything un-dried we’ll wrap.
Sally turning stubborn. Unlike her. Checking her temperature it is marginal. Go to recheck first thing in morning along with chores before setting steps.
It is already after eight. Felt cramps coming-on on tractor an hour ago. Looks like a valium night. Dam if a couple of them thrown into a couple jiggers of bourbon would go down about now real good. And, on top of that whatever I felt in the middle of the night I could happily care less.
Well, that is it for today. Suppers on way and I am hungry.
Good Night

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