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Country Discussion Topics
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Wheres E.G.?
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dale anne    Posted 06-04-2004 at 11:58:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Might I have to go snooping behind the tool shed and find a empty moonshine bottle...some rib bones from a BBQ and a man thats needs a lil help pulling the dog off from licking his face raw for the sauce?...E.G. where are ya...maybe out working hard like i should be doing...but to dang hot got the front 3 acres mowed plus bout another 2 in the back of the house.....laundry hung...chicks taken care of and household chores tended to.....I aint going outside again till this afternoon when it cools off some...and iffin the menfolk wanna complain bout it...I will hand them my apron my list fer tomorrows chores and tell them i am on strike! to mention i think i broke a mower blade when i hit that big ole branch laying on the ground...but see i aint gonna mention that...gonna tell Michael to get the hill part...i cant mow this cause the tractor tries to flip on me....then when it dont cut...i'll say now what ya do?...break the blades? it aint a bad thing when he does it but if i do it he might not let me mow again and i like doing it so gonna blameit on him...SHHHHHHHH dont say nothing k....dale anne

Bob Mi    Posted 06-04-2004 at 12:34:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
Dale anne What is the temp. down there It hasn't made 70 up here in three weeks? We understand yous been having some rough weather !

dale anne    Posted 06-04-2004 at 12:38:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
bout 90ish today...yes bad weather but we are going to be just fine..alot of cleaning up to do and helping a lil town outside of ours that got it a bit worse....but everything will be just fine...were good folks down here...dale the way summer came our way in febuary this year!

Clipper....Hah!!!!    Posted 06-04-2004 at 12:12:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
3 months after we wuz married I saw and heard the wife trying ta cut the tops offa stones out in our yard....have NOT let her get near my mower since then!!!
She does plant a lot of flowers....which I am more inclined ta cut off with the mower! LOL!!! They all look like weeds to me when they are green dontcha see.... :^)

dale anne    Posted 06-04-2004 at 12:36:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
i know what ya mean...i have a roll of yellow caution tape i stringup when planting new flowers so Michael knows not to mow in that area...he has no choice to let me mow most times...hes ahard working man and often puts in extra hours cause hes a boss and has to stay till the job is we do landscapping fer our church and house in town...he cant do it all...Michael is a super man but he is not superman!...dale anne

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