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Country Discussion Topics
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Question about calf illness
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jo    Posted 06-07-2004 at 20:02:53       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I have a calf with a problem I have not had before. I’ve had rare occurrences of scours or diseases requiring treatment, for some reason they rarely get sick at all. He’s about a month and a half in age. Anyway, this bull calf seems to be straining most of the time, like a blockage or something. I notice some blood in his “stool”, possibly from irritation though, I didn’t notice it initially. His “stool” is loose, and somewhat darkish brown I guess in color, very little at a time. He just seems to strain almost constantly. He looks decent, although he lays down during most of the day by himself, but it is hot. He can run like the wind, no drooling or anything, doesn’t seem to be overly feverish. The cow gives good milk, at least it sure looks it, and I see him eating once in a while. I initially started with terramycin pills, then I went through a treatment of LA 200. It’s been a couple weeks, not really worse, no better. Any ideas on what it sounds like? I’ve had a couple hundred head for several years and haven’t seen this before.

Burrhead    Posted 06-07-2004 at 20:19:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
I run a few head for years mysef and yep I've hadum with that same symptom. IMHO his stomach is too young and tender for LA200.

If the only symptom he has is brown poop and grunting he don't need anything that will upset his stomach anymore(that's probly the grunt) and any combiotic or antibiotic you give him now will add to more dead good bugs in his stomach.

jo    Posted 06-08-2004 at 05:31:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
I guess I don't like to see him straining constantly. So I don't know what to do, and a few years ago I was advised to give La200 to a calf by a vet and had no problems. He said to give twice the recommended dosage, that it would be safe. I never did that, he just said it was. By straining I mean he has his tail always up, a little runs out often, and now when he runs/walks, with about every step, it sounds like he is passing gas, though it's mostly just outside air I'm sure, if you know what I mean....

Bill Osuchowski    Posted 02-27-2009 at 12:25:19       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi, I have been raising calves for 20 years now and am still learning. I had a trouble calf this year. It was born and the mother did not want anything to do with it. I tube fed it and then off on bottle. Things were going well and I tried to get it on one of the other beef cows that just gave birth. That went well and all was just going super. Then, I noticed it was not eating and was loosing weight. Took it aside and started to bottle feed it again. Scours hit and after three months of medications and fluids for the loss of salts ect. The calf was weaker every day. The weather was colder and I could see the writing on the wall. This calf was in a seperate heated pen lots of bedding food and water. Would not touch anything. I even tried to force feed it and spent more time then sence on him. I was determined to pull him through. He was my little buddy. I put him down 2months after he was born. He just would not eat. Any ideas?

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