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Country Discussion Topics
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dale anne    Posted 06-09-2004 at 07:29:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
well y'all i spoke with my sister this morning...she has just moved into her own place 3 kids a good job but complaining about money...well ok this is normal....she is a city gal with city habits...SPENDING! I tell her how to cut back on spending in way of using all her food...throwing less away....recycling clothing and such...making her own foods from scratch...storing on...she said i am to much of a tightwad and she cant believe i live this way now[i use to be a city gal myself ...owned 2 biz of my own and had more money then i could spend]..i gave it all up...gave most the money away left behind my home,biz's,cars,everything...i got on the plane with 2 duffle bags of clothing and 11 thousand cash...thats it!...i was never as happy as i am today..i am not poor....but far from rich...i cant spend like i use to and have learned alot...i try explaining this to her but she just cant believe how i live!...she is coming out in august to visit and i cant she can see nothing is wrong with the way i home is always clean!....we have food on the table...a roof over our heads...running water...and a great life...let me tell y'all how this started....she was complaining about food i told her how to make 1 roaster chicken stretch to 4 meals....1st have the roaster fer supper cutof the drums...take the drums and put away fer lunch[saves about what $6.00 from being spent fer fastfood lunch] take the extra meat that already cut of the bird...put aside and mix later in week with left over rice and gravy...take the bird carcass and boil in water till rest of meat falls off...mix in left over veggies from the week...cook pasta and make soup...after the soup has been eatin take the left over broth and freeze take left over rice and reheat in broth for chicken flavor i compared with prices here in arkansas...i figure with just them left over and that 1 bird she could save herself bout $40.00 fer premade foods...also told her how to make bread..cost bout $.20 per loaf...she liked to call me every name in the book telling me i was crazy!...she didnt have time...well it took me about 4 hours to do it all!...besides making the i am looking forward to her coming out soi can show her that i live a womnderful life...yes it is full of work but i wouldnt trade it fer a million dollars...I believe she thinks i run around dirty all the time with ripped up clothing and bugs in my hair lol...I havent seen her in almost 8 years[long story]....and then when i told her the worse thing that really made her think i was sick...i have jeans over 7 years old and havent bought a pair in just that long...i do have nice clothing fer church and going to town....ohhh then i told her instead of buying chips and all at the market that she could use orange peels and such to make the kids candy...or tatter peelings to make a healthy snack...she hung up on ya think it's because she feels that she can learn something from her big sister and just refuses or is scared to live a hick life[what she calls me a hick]cause of the pressure of living in a city and what her high power friends might think?...or is it cause im to much of a tight wad?...she has me bothered...but not to the point that i am going to change one bit of the way i live or do things...i just dont want her to think of me as her poor sister who cant even throw away tatter skins and boils bones fer soup....what y'all think...and is there a better way to approach her about saving money the way i know how...i recommended books fer her to read...i dont know how to feel about this...any suggestions will be great...thanks dale anne

Bob Mi    Posted 06-09-2004 at 09:38:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Dale anne some people will just never get it thank God you did !

Clipper    Posted 06-09-2004 at 09:30:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hit her in the azz wit yer pitchfork....don't mean to offend but she sounds like a Martha Stewart Wannabe....

KellyGa    Posted 06-09-2004 at 09:26:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
My sister and I are like day and night. We see each other just enogh to not get on each others nerves. She is younger than me, so she has not learned as much as me in life yet. She aggravates me because she does not have her priorities straight. She might call Mama once a month, might come and have lunch once evry three months. SHe just lives 30 minutes away! And works 15 minutes away!

WHat I think is, some people just want to complain, they don't actually want any advice or help, they are just happy to wallow in their sorrow. I don't know your sis, so I can't say for sure. I think if she is having money problems she will be forced to do something different sooner or later, and it sounds like YOU are the one she needs to be talking to. YOu are a very smart woman dale anne!!! Very smart indeed! She should listen to you!

ret    Posted 06-09-2004 at 09:03:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey, I am a whole lot older than you and have no money worries, but I do a lot of what you do. Love to bake my own bread, home made noodles and such. don't have to, and sometimes wonder why I do, but money never came easy. Guess I hate to throw it away now.

EngineerJoyce    Posted 06-09-2004 at 09:00:59       [Reply]  [Send Email]
She just needs to start slowly. Her lifestyle is thoroughly entrenched.
Step 1: instead of taking 45 minutes to take the kids to McDonald's and paying $15, but frozen french fries and chicken nuggets. Cook them at home. It takes 30 minutes for them to cook. She and the kids can take that time to go over homework and talk. It would cost $5. Yes, $5 is still too much, but it is a step for her.
Step 2: Don't get a new car just because you paid the old one off (or you like the new body style). Drive it until it is un-reliable, all the while putting car payments back so that when you need another one, you can take that money and buy a good used one and not have payments.
Step 3: Don't buy new clothes for the new season, instead just have "classics" in your wardrobe. And avoid dry-clean only stuff - It's a money pit.

Those are only a few of the tip of the iceberg things I see co-workers messing up on all the time. Think how much money is wasted on these things. If she would take the time to account for every penny that come in and goes out, she would be shocked at what she spends on some items. Then a good way to evaluate what you "need" is to compare its cost to the number of hours of work it took you to pay for it. If you are not willing to work for 3 hours just to pay to have your clothes dry-cleaned, then that is definitely a want and not a need.

Being a slave to a job and in essence a slave to your employer is no better than life as an endentured servant of the 1700's.

I hope you sister can see your happiness and wants some for herself. There's a reason people refer to their everyday lives as a "rat race".

New-Gen    Posted 06-09-2004 at 08:02:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
My mother made a comment once that she couldn't understand how 2 kids (my sister and me) could be raised the same way and turn out so different from each other.
Case in point.
When my Mom passed away, I bought my sisters half of the family farm from her. They couldn't take the time to drive 4 hours to the closing, so we had to get some papers noroized. The only place open in town that had a notory that day was the local car dealership. When y sister and I came out her husband was looking at the new cars. I jokingly asked if he saw anything he liked. He said "Can't afford it this week"
Two weeks later {a week after the closing} they came back to town in a brand new SUV.
I thought wel, I'll bet the farm lasts me longer than that new SUV lasts them!!
Guess it'd just a matter of priorities--

Fawteen    Posted 06-09-2004 at 07:52:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, I ain't in much position to speak, but I rarely let that stop me...

Frugal living is a state of mind. We cook 2 or 3 full-blown meals a week, and eat leftovers the rest of the time. Your use of a chicken parallels ours perfectly. I raise and butcher my own chickens, put about 50 in the freezer every fall. We average a bird a week in one form or another.

I spend a lot of money I wouldn't necessarily have to, on toys and such, but the point is I do so by saving elsewhere.

I think if you can get her to come and visit, your best approach is to say nothing, but simply demonstrate how well you live without spending a potful of money.

Bottom line is, you gotta make the choice: Which would you rather spend, your time or your money?

DD    Posted 06-09-2004 at 07:51:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nothing wrong with using them tater skins and boiling a bone for soup. Yer just being Thrifty : ) It doesn't take alot of money or fancy clothes to make me happy and my jeans aren't new either. I reckon that makes me a Hick too and a Proud one at that. Don't let her make you feel like you are less than anybody else. Some folks just manage money alot better than others. Hope the visit goes ok and isn't too strained. Sounds like right now you could cut the tension with a knife. Both my Sisters are like that too. Kinda snooty I say but I like living humbly. I don't want to live somewhere it takes every dime I have to pay my bills just to be able to say I live at _____ and then have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. They came from the same place I did. No Thanks, they can have it and all the hooey that goes along with it. Take Care DaleAnne : )

Texas    Posted 06-09-2004 at 07:58:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
I are a a redneck...and will answer to "Bubba" :)

An D@mn proud of it.

DD    Posted 06-09-2004 at 08:06:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
That's NOT a bad thing Sweetie ; )

Chas in Me    Posted 06-09-2004 at 07:47:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
You were proposing a major lifestyle change to her. It was probably too much for her to think about.
The American way of spending has become so entrenched, that people can't think about any other way to live. That's why we get all those catalogs, newspaper inserts and see so many ads on TV.
Give your sister one way to save some money, not a list. Let her slowly gain the understanding you have. As she learns one way to save, others will follow.
Always love her, don't judge and have fun.
My sisters live far away and i miss them too.

slim    Posted 06-09-2004 at 07:36:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sounds like all she wanted to do was complain about money, not get any solutions. What you did was give her solutions. I know many people like that, got some in my family, and even some in my own house.

Just enjoy her visit the best you can, you're not going to change her. She will still think you're crazy. They think I'm crazy too!


~Lenore    Posted 06-09-2004 at 07:53:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have noticed that, too.
There are folks who seem to complain and complain about problems.
If you try to offer solutions that require them to change something,
they are not interested.

New-Gen    Posted 06-09-2004 at 08:10:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yep-you're right.
It's where that old saying about how you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink holds true. Sir....    Posted 06-09-2004 at 08:41:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
needs ta meet Ruben....that horse will drink anything....and he'll drink the terlets dry too if I don't lock the baffrooms.Methinks he has had too many years under Ferns wing....

DD    Posted 06-09-2004 at 08:52:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, if ya hadn't of put that salt around the rim and told him it was the Worlds Largest Margarita he wouldn't be drinkin out of em ; )

Clipper    Posted 06-09-2004 at 09:28:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Them Texans that come in the Saloon like their drinks BIG....ain't my fault they let Ruben in there ta drink too....I can't be everywhere at once ya know! :^)

DD    Posted 06-09-2004 at 09:51:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yeah, I know : ) Only place in that Saloon to get away from Ruben is under the pool table and that's only cuz he hasn't figured out how to scooch Fern & Dawg out from under there yet ; )

Clipper....Yabbut    Posted 06-09-2004 at 10:02:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
at least Ruben don't drool all over the place like Fern and Dawg do when they're eyeballing them nudie pics....

DD    Posted 06-09-2004 at 10:17:32       [Reply]  [No Email] that why ya got sawdust on the floors then? Kinda like using kitty litter huh? ; )

Clipper    Posted 06-09-2004 at 10:32:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well the sawdust wuz actually put down fer heavy dancing....them cowboys likes ta slide around a lot when they're doing their John Travolta Urban Cowboy thing ya see....and they are none too swift bout hitting them spitoons wit a faceful of Redman tabaccky.....

DD    Posted 06-09-2004 at 10:46:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
Maybe we'll hafta start giving lessons then in how to spit that backy juice without it dribbling down yer chin then ; ) Learnt that when I usedta go fishing with my Dad when I was alot younger but not much shorter than I am now : ) And whittling too.

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