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Re-Todays Women
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New-Gen    Posted 06-18-2004 at 12:18:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Texas's original post is getting kinda far down the page so I'm starting a new one.
One time I was walking into a store and behind two sweet little old ladies. They appeared to weigh around 165 pounds collectively.
A sI walked up behind them, one of them was struggling with the big heavy door. The other one had just grabbed the handle with her, and the door still was still winning.
By this time I was right behind them. I said politely, here, let me get that for you ladies.
Little old Lady #2 heard me and let go of the handle. Lady #1 still had hold of the handle but i thought she had heard me, so I didn' realize that whe still had her feet planted and was pulling on it with all of her might!
So, as I reached over her and grabbed ahold of the door, giving it a good pull, she lost her balance and fell into Lady #2, who in turn lost her balance, and fell against me!
Fortunatly I managed to keep both of them from falling on their keesters, so nobody got hurt!
Undaunted, Lady #1 proceeded to grab ahold of that old door handle for another go-round!!
In my best firm but gentle voice I siad-"Let me get that for you ma-am"
This time she heard me, and let me hold the door open for her. Once inside the store I lost track of them, so hopefully they were able to get out of the place!!
Thought maybe you people might like to see me post about something besides combines, tractors and crops for a change!

Chas in Me    Posted 06-18-2004 at 14:58:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
Always like personal stories, especially when the outcome is good.
I even like the ones when the Dragon wins. LOL

Thanks-    Posted 06-18-2004 at 20:53:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
But I think you're in the minority-I love telling these stories, but nobody seems too interested in reading them-oh well, I guess I'll just post em til somebody tells me no to!

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