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Country Discussion Topics
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Not all GI's are heros
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steve19438    Posted 06-18-2004 at 15:21:42       [Reply]  [Send Email]
from 69 to 73 i served in the us army with two overseas stints, germany and vietnam. during my hitch i had a postal MOS. in the frankfurt APO (09039) i saw things that did not do anyone much good. at the time and especially in europe race relations were pretty bad. when a black GI would bring a package in to mail home the package(s) were routinely stomped on, thrown against the wall and similiarly destroyed. in Nam at the Da Nang APO i saw GI's (b&w) throw Paycex(sp) packeges mailed to and from GI's over the fence to waiting other GI's. i guess there are bums everywhere. (no i didn't make this up)

RusselAZ    Posted 06-18-2004 at 21:10:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You may not have made it up, but WHY did you bring it up? Just to slam people in the Military? And, if you saw these crimes in person you should have reported and turned these crimes in to the AG.

steve19438    Posted 06-19-2004 at 03:40:03       [Reply]  [Send Email]
geez, you really need to think a little before you post. why would i slam other GI's? did you read my later post? as for turning the culprits in? think about when you were 19 or 20 yrs. young, what would you have done? besides i did sleep with a loaded 45 under my pillow for two weeks in saigon after i turned in a druggy and he then threatened to "frag" me.

ron,ar    Posted 06-18-2004 at 23:12:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Good point Russel.

JB    Posted 06-18-2004 at 15:56:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
That is so right, there are rotten apples in every barrell. However, I am of the opinion that most service men serve honorably, or as best they know how. We must remember they come from all walks of life, and some weren't raised, but were rather just 'yanked up'! I am sure it wasn't always easy for some of them to resist temptation, when you'd had less than the bare essentials.

Not making excuses for anyone, just playing devil's advocate and trying to see all sides.

bill b va    Posted 06-18-2004 at 15:56:05       [Reply]  [No Email]

steve... i suspect you are a realist . a oppiniist sees the donut . the pessinist sees the hole in the donut . the realist eats the donut . i am a wanta be realist

steve19438    Posted 06-18-2004 at 16:41:12       [Reply]  [Send Email]
never met a donut i didn't like! (except mebbe cream filled)

Burrhead    Posted 06-18-2004 at 16:11:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sorry Bill but I think the crooked cops ate the donut

bill b va    Posted 06-18-2004 at 16:19:18       [Reply]  [No Email]

you just let the air out of my sails

Clod    Posted 06-18-2004 at 17:14:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
Steve,,The years you were on active duty was hard times in the US Army. One guy I knew who had a judge in New Orleans give him a choice of Army or prison.( For drugs) He chose Army and went late in the war with the 24th Infantry Div. There was much of that going on because the educated folks son was in college and peace marching.They were safe from draft duty so the lower levels were filled by whatever method they could use.Soldiers go a bit wild when they are in a combat zone with all kinds of booze and drugs available and the higher ups in society calling them babby killers while their own sons were exempt from the fight. It was crazy times in the USA. Not only the soldiers were doing bad things..You might remember the things done by those who say they were demonstrateing for peace? I do!

steve19438    Posted 06-18-2004 at 18:23:05       [Reply]  [Send Email]
lousy, stinking time to be in the military. had the times been better there is a good chance i would have made the army a career, i actually liked it!!!

Clod    Posted 06-18-2004 at 20:20:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
I liked a lot about the Army.I love my country,But when you come back to the states from Vietnam you find it hard to adjust to the way things are done. You know,, Well..I better not go into that..I was so bored I went AWOL for an April fool joke,After 17 days on vacation I knocked on the Captains door 1 April and says APRIL FOOL SIR! Ha ha Got three months in the stockade at Benning.The same General who wanted to hang me told em to let me go back to my company after six days in the joint.He was a big war hero from battle of the bulge.( 101 AB).A good general too.Commanded the First Cav early in the war but now I cant think of his name.

Clod    Posted 06-18-2004 at 20:41:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
General Kennard! My mind is slipping but I knew I would remember him.

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