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My Visit With Cindi
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KellyGa    Posted 06-19-2004 at 17:16:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Alright y'all, I got my house back in order, my animals back in order, for the most part, got all my yard sale stuff put up, so I thought I would sit down and give y'all a rundown of my visit. :)

It took us about 2 hours, maybe a little more to get there from where we were in Florida, and easy ride out. For those of you that don't know, like myself, middle Florida is FLAT. Which for me meant better gas mileage! I am used to going up and down up and down hilly roads in Georgia.

We got there without much trouble at all. Cindi lives way back off a dirt road, its just so peaceful out there, you can actually hear yourself think! My family and I pulled up and got out, and I was instantly comfortable with everything and everybody, felt like home. We gave each other a big ole hug, a real hug, not one of those pat you on the back little hugs. :) The first thing I saw was the chicken coop, had lots of chicks and a young turkey in it. They were peeping away. Sweet. :) We went on in and had a cold drink, I got to look at ALL the postcards!!! WOW! Lots and lots of postcards. That was neat. Got to meet Jake, what a shy sweet boy he is. He took off with his gun for a bit, said he was going hunting for something. Got to meet her two daughters, they are both beautiful sweet girls. :) She took us out to the pasture out back to see the big boys! WOW! BIG PIGS!!! Sugars puppies were following us right along, poor things, they just didn't know how uncoordinated I was. They kept getting under foot, and I wouldn't see them until it was too late. The last time one got under my foot, I just took a dive into the grass rather than crush the poor baby. Cindi was concerned, lol, I told her I went ahead and took a dive rather than smush a puppy! They were really sweet puppies, they just wanted to know what was going on!

I got to see all the pigs, big and small. SHelby fancied a small one with lots of spots, I have to admit it was a cutie! I even got to see Lowrider, and he holds his own I must say! Tough little pig! She called the goats up, and they are all just a sight to see, really pretty marked goats.

Then there were the doggies. Now my favorite was Elvis, which you will be able to tell when I post pictures, I took a lot of him. :) Red Dog was a sweet boy too. They were all great dogs, all characters. But, Elvis stole my heart. He has the sweetest face, and his ears, well, his ears are so big, and tufted on the ends, but he will perk them, and its just the cutest to me.

Fred made it home early from work, so we got to meet him. Some hispanic folks pulled up wanting to buy a pig, the kids of the hispanics have to translate, its the same way with my yard sales! No pig sale that day, they saw the big ones in the pasture, but Fred told them they didn't have that kind of money to buy THOSE pigs! (grin)

Anyway, we stood around outside, Shelby played with the puppies and we all talked about stuff. Oh I got to see their youngest daughters rabbit, he is so pretty.

For those of you who might not know, Cindi is the best person. She doesnt put on airs, she is totally herself. I was totally comfortable, and I was really flattered that she liked me enough to want to hook up again and have some girl time. This was the first time I have ever met anybody that I have talked to online, and even though it took two years, it was so worth it. I would do it all again. The only thing I would change is that we would have more time. Like she said, the visit was over way too soon. We barely got started, I can't wait til we can just sit and talk and talk and talk!!! :)))))

Donna from Mo    Posted 06-19-2004 at 18:19:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have loved Cindi from the first time I saw her on the board. If I ever get to Florida again, I intend to meet her. Not likely though, Cliff and I don't care much for Florida.

Dad gum, girl!    Posted 06-20-2004 at 05:32:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
I don't think you missed a second! Lol!

I would love to have you back some day so that I can show you some of the stuff around here. I felt the same way you did. I had a little knot in my stomach when Jake said...'they're here!' but the second we hugged, I felt like I'd known you all my life, and I really wished you all could have satyed for supper and maybe even the night.

By the way, a fact that probably escaped you. If you notice, those pups were only tripping you. Which means they were only following you. Which means there was something about you that they wanted to be close to. Dogs, even tiny ones, are not dumb. They picked up on something about you that made them want to get to know you better. Kinda like me. (grin)

I think we ought to plan our escapade for sometime around early September or so. While it's still warm but not hot as Hades.

Donna, if you can ever get past your dislike for Florida you come right ahead. I would love to have you!


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