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Predictions based upon the past 15 years......
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Jimbob    Posted 06-23-2004 at 17:52:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
The US gov't has given large corporations huge tax benefits or simply not paying taxes at all by providing shelters overseas. Most jobs now & in the future will be $8 to $10 an hour unless you are highly educated or skilled plus in the right field. And, at that low wage, understand minorties receive up to 50% of their paycheck from your US gov't paid to the employer for a period up to a year or longer. Actually, it looks like the minorities US gov't, not yours. (No slam intended towards minorities, they want to eat too).

Health care-
Forget it, you will take any job to get it. And, you will pay for it under a large group plan deducted from your paycheck with purchasing leverage due to the size of your employer. Your other taxes will pay for all those without insurance. Example: if a foreigner has a child at the hospital, the child receives a reward of US citizenship beyond that free health care at birth, ie, you pay twice. Medicare? You will be viewed as a charity case by the healthcare workers if that is all the coverage you have to present to them. You do not believe the saying 'they had a long life anyways'....... think again.

Going up as it always has in the past. Be assured any relief is temporary. You will pay more taxes one way or another.

Social Security-
Any college professor will tell you in good times the future social secutiry burden can not be paid in full on a monthly basis in as little as five years. Greenspan has already stated this to the public a few months ago. Solutions? I do not know. I guess deferred retirement benefits will be a temporary band-aid fix. Also, some inflation will soften the cost to the US gov't. In France in the late '50s, they simply had a money exchange. The money was devalued overnight to pennies on the original dollar.

Age Discrimination-
Of course, the older you get, the worst it becomes. As lower wages, higher taxes plus higher costs of services, parts & energy causes more pressure on the present system. Old persons are going to be considered 'dead weight' not contributing to the system. 'But I paid a fortune over the years'. Answere from the new gov't run by the young: 'Thats yesterday in a system supported by your peers, not mine. Your problem sir and I can legally prove it'.

Isolate yourself in the country. Become self-sufficient and reduce your requirements for needing money. That includes travel, energy use, food, etc. Health care? Work with physical labor everyday. The health benefits are huge per studies on the Amish released last year. Quality food intake is important. A change in diet is a small sacrifice.

Start up a business operated from that isolated country location. You will still be contributing to the system. If you sell overseas & bring money back into the system, better yet. You can prove worth, will be still contributing to the system & you may have to prove it someday. A new discrimination will rise with the young about contributing and paying for your peers lack of responsibility in the past. That is how the young that will control the new gov't will view it.

Representation or should I say 'Hired Gun'-
Prepaid legal services may be of benefit. Right now, some quality services are available for as little as $25 a month. A letter written from a firm with a few Jewish last names mixed in with another half a dozen other last names can make you 'not worth it'. The IRS, forget it, you will pay. Get a good tax accountant and send them free veggies at holidays so they do not forget you. Never forget, knowledge is power. You will need it!

I know this sounds hard & negative. Simply be alert and adjust to the future. It is coming in fast order and is not any different in many locations in the world right now. Turn the future negatives into positives with careful planning.

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