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Country Discussion Topics
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Plumbing Woes, Rats To Kill
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KellyGa    Posted 06-26-2004 at 20:34:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, my day was just chock full of fun! The main drain pipe out to the street busted just in front of the house and made a puddle in the yard. We had a clog (again), so Ian rad the bladder thingie up into the house pipe that leads to outside the house to blow out the clog. NOTHING, checking the drain that the city put into the yard, NOTHING. Uh Oh, go chekc inside the house Ian says, make sure we aren't flooding the house. Nope, all clear there. Seems the guys that came out and poked a hole in our pipe to run a camera down into the pipe to chekc for a clog the last time did a shoddy job in sealing the pip back, and it just couldnt take another cleaning. Ian wonders if the cities pipe is too high, and doesn't match up with ours,and it causes clogs, since it is gravity fed.

SO....he called a friend that has his own plumbing business, and he will be out Monday. We can use the water and flush the tiolet, but it goes no further than into the hole Ian dug to find the busted pipe, in the front yard...sigh...

Then, I go out this evening, pluck a chicken off the roost right before dark and bring her in for a bit of socialization. She hangs out with me on the back of another chair and clucks here and there while I surf the net.

About 10 o'clock, I pick up Popcorn, my chicken, and I am going to take her back out with her sisters so she can go to bed. Tip goes out with me, as usual, anywhere I go, there she is.

I step toward the chicken house door, and out runs a RAT!!! I drop the chicken, lots of commotion, I go get my flashlight, which just happened to still be outside sitting on a stool from where Ian had gone under the house for the plumbing job. I run over to shut the door of the chicken house, and AHHHHH! There is another one climbing around right in front of my face where the roof and the house meet up. I recently had some drainage issues with the roof, so I put some 2 by 8s across for support and an extra one on the end to lift the roof. I yelled obsceneties and backed up reeling, tripping over tree roots. I close the door. I sent Tip in the other end, where I have added a door onto the run. IN she goes, through the run, into the chickens little door. Nothing....some clucking...nothing....I got open the side clean out door, nothing. Dang it all!!!

I have the havahart trap set with a nice juicy slice of apple. Hope to have a drowning going on in the morning. Guess I will be going to the Lowes in the morning. GOt to seal off that roof area. Going to get some chicken wire and wire it across the top, then put the 2 by 8s back on, then the roof.


Hope everybody elses day went well.

Coon Catcher Clay    Posted 06-27-2004 at 04:39:37       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hey Kelly you have the solution to your plumbing problems already living in your hen house.Take some Kraft cheese whiz and squirt it down in the sewer pipe.Then make a small trail of cheese whiz from the hen house to the pipe.Them rats will clean that pipe and make the inside of it look brand new in a day or two.

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