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String trimmers revisted
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JDK    Posted 06-30-2004 at 21:13:43       [Reply]  [No Email]

Been working on this problem for awhile,Couple points,recently a patent was applied for for clip on wheels kit and ad campaign begun(will try to relocate online ad),Any gas trimmer can be set up with a support strap,often as a factory option,should be standard equip.Now as to mowers w/trimmer added,there was/is a company that makes/made a small 12V string trimmer that mounted on side of deck,however the blades cut the string if used simultaneously(pic 1).Toro and Bolens used to offer a 12V conventional trimmer that plugged into tractor battery and stored in clips along the hood.They had a coil cord about 1-12 ft long extended.Good idea,but not popular at the time(160-200$option).My idea would be a 12V tractor powered trimmer(pic2)pivoting on the front end,allowing it to be"stored" vertically,used horizontally(including bump feed) by a linkage to driver seat(pic 3)...Just my ramblings on the subject.
(12V trolling motor?RPM?,Heat?)

deadcarp    Posted 07-01-2004 at 05:36:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
That intereference shouldn't be any problem. Your mower generally cuts to -say- 3 inches tall right? I wouldn't mess up the shields by mounting it right with the mower anyway but what would it matter if the trimmer cut to 2 1/2 inches or something? I think in front of the front wheels is an excellent location. Easy to keep an eye on & for once you'd be wacking something that hasn't been driven down yet. :)

JDK    Posted 06-30-2004 at 21:52:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Trimmer Toad
Product Information
The Trimmer Toad carries the weight of a string trimmer, turning it into a user-friendly machine. It works with both straight-shaft and curved-shaft string trimmers. The large diameter wheel rolls easily over rough terrain. It converts from trimming to edging and works with blower, leaf vacuum, edger and cultivator attachments. On-a-Roll Outdoor Products, Inc., 512-632-0504,
$39.95 includes shipping and a free video. Issue
January/February 2004

Alias    Posted 07-01-2004 at 04:39:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one that want's a trimmer that's not such a pain to operate.

The toad is something like what I had in mind. However, I can see room for improvement. The single wheel as shown in the ad tells me it will not stand alone. Therefore, it should have two. Secondly, the throttle activator is still in an unconvienient position under the handle grip. And, to my way of thinking, the throttle control should be positioned anywhere but there.

I shall continue to work on this major problem facing good men everywhere. But, right now I can't, cause I got more weeding and trimming to do........gfp

JDK    Posted 07-01-2004 at 13:00:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
Throttle placement/operation could be tricky as regulations prolly require a "deadman" setup,However heres a thought,stub tube handle with motorcycle type grip and a cycle "cruise control" unit.These were/are a simple friction type ring clamp around the grip which overcame the cycles throttle return spring pulling the throttle shut.They are adjustable for amount of "drag".

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