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Country Discussion Topics
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Upper management
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TO35 on Vac    Posted 07-02-2004 at 13:40:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
Subject: Upper Management
> ===========================================
> An Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgun in one hand and a bucket of
> buffalo manure in the other.
> He says to the waiter, "Me want coffee."
> The waiter says, "Sure chief, coming right up." He gets the Indian a
> tall mug of coffee, and the Indian drinks it down in one gulp, picks
> up the bucket of manure, throws it into the air, blasts it with the
> shotgun, then just walks out.
> The next morning the Indian returns. He has his shotgun in one hand
> and a bucket of buffalo manure in the other.
> He walks up to the counter and says to the waiter, "Me want coffee."
> The waiter says, "Whoa, Tonto! We are still cleaning up your mess
> from the last time you were here. What the heck was all that about,
> anyway?"
> The Indian smiles and proudly says, "Me training for upper management
> position:
> Come in, drink coffee, shoot manure, leave mess for others
> to clean up, disappear for rest of day."

deadcarp    Posted 07-02-2004 at 17:00:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Our neighbor manages the local phone company and he got me thinking. We were kidding around about first impressions, and he said there's a surefire shortcut to pleasing directors - turn a bigger profit. The easy way to do that is raise rates a nickel and claim half the new money as a bonus. Oh the Ken Lay approach - Sure, i knew that. :)

ron,ar    Posted 07-02-2004 at 14:53:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
That leaves me out, when I was hired they told me I was in low-level management, the emphisis was on "low -level".

TO35    Posted 07-02-2004 at 15:03:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
Out of those five I only get to do the first two....I wind up seeing alot of the others thought...thats ok....won't be to long when I become the "ruler" I'll just change the my boss says..."its easier to get forgiveness than get permission"


Clod    Posted 07-02-2004 at 19:00:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Go to most stores and look who made the majority of the producs there. Then think. Managers once knew more about the machinery they manufactured than those lower. They came from the bottom then went up.Henry Ford,George Westinghouse , Marantz, of hi fidelity instruments,There is a long list of old timers who made the USA well known for unique and high quality products..But today you go to a university to learn management.Those who mannage only know how to connive and talk like shysters.That is what they are. That is why we owe Japan trillions of dollars.

Jimbob    Posted 07-02-2004 at 20:44:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
Company I worked for was so full of politics I thought I was in Washington DC.

I have noticed they are doing rather poor after a group of us was laid-off after many years.

I could not believe all the crooks & cons they kept. Unbelievable management did not know who was who in their company.

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