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Speakin of
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snakes..    Posted 07-12-2004 at 16:08:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have a somewhat funny story bout a snake. Some 12-13 years ago I worked with this fella, outa respect I won't call him Bob (he hated bob) So I'll call him Jeff. Now Jeff was defely afraid of snakes. The mere discussion of them would have him demanding to pull over so he could get outa the truck. We happen to be somewhere in western Kansas and during winter it was not uncommond for a big old black snake to get in the equipmt we serviced. The standing rule between three of us was myself and/or the other fella would open up all the cabinets and check for snakes. This day we went to a gas pumping station. Nothing more than a tin shack out in the middle of no-where. Right on cue we went to setup and I open the front, the third fella was opening up the back, while Jeff unloaded the truck. "All clear?" said Jeff, Yep said I. Now at this point I begin to help cart stuff in. Jeff bends down to look over the problem. Now this fella in back thought it would be cute to play a joke on poor old jeff. Mid 40's, short fella that proly top out @ 200lbs. I myself sporting 260lbs @ 6' just happened to be standing in the door way toting a 75lb case of test equipment. At that moment a piece of black plastic tubing was carefully slid over the top of the equipment and can down right on Jeff. What happen next defies the laws of physics. I must blinked because I just caught a glimps of Jeff as he stood up. Next thing I know he is past me and in the truck. I still don't understand how he got past me. I mean I was smack dab in the door way and the only way thru was the foot or so above my head. Well from that day I called him flash and Bob never went with us again.

Kirsty    Posted 07-12-2004 at 16:45:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ohhh! That poor guy. Some people just have fears. I am really sickened by grasshoppers. Don't know why, I know that they can't hurt me, but they just scare me. I was in the seventh grade and we had to go out and catch our own grasshopper and bring it in the class and study it. That was not a good day for me. I ended up crying and such and having to leave, it's a good thing my partner in this lab wasn't afraid of them either because we would have failed!!

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