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Country Discussion Topics
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Hi Ron,AR,..... Brewing-long, sorry
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Old John    Posted 07-13-2004 at 06:38:48       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Hi Ron & Y'all,

Ron did say..........

Got any quick recipes for making wine out of blueberries..........and...

.......I have made quite a lot of homebrew beer and some good wine, nowhere near on Old Johns level tho.
He is being modest, as homebrewers go he would be considered a master homebrewer. A guru the rest of us call on for advice. :^) >>

Ron, I guess I learned a long time ago......
"You can't hurry Mother Nature....
or Yeast critters either"

Now if you want to try something 'REAL Interesting', you might try making a "quick wine"
or what you'd call a blueberry beer out of those berries. These can be made 'still' like a regular wine, or you could do a secondary ferment in the bottles to give it a 'beer-fizz', or 'champagne fizz', same-same.

This'll work. The main difference in a wine and a beer, is the "YEAST", and the amount of sugar you are using. To work really quick you'd want an Ale yeast, which is a 'top-yeast'. I use a hydrometer to test the sugar content in everything I brew.
And, never use someone else's recipe.
Wine yeast takes up to 10 or 12 weeks to ferment all the sugar,in solution, usually 18 to 30%.
Wine yeast takes 8 to 12 hours to start working well.
Ale or beer yeast will be done working, fermenting, in about 3 to 7 days. It also uses a much less amount of sugar, 12% or so. Ale yeast will be working famously in about an hour or 2.

Now the only thing, Ale/beer yeast dies at a much lower alcohol level, so it's not as strong as wine. The 'Ferment' is faster & much more riotous.
It will make a nice little "Blueberry brew", quickly. And, no, you don't have to use any malt or hops. Because of the "Less alcohol", unless you have a 'high-acid juice' it won't keep long.
The alcohol, or the high-acid content is what preserves it & keeps it from going on to vinegar.

One other thing I noticed, in the recipes.....
is Campden tabs(Sodium bisulphite) are used.
I learned, about 15 years ago that lots of Folks are allergic to it. So I NEVER use it.
It is a bactericide. I sterilize all my equipment with a lot of clorox/bleach and rinse thoroughly to remove any 'bandaid-smell'.
I never use balloons on my carboys(big jugs). I use airlocks from the brew-store, cost about a dollar, last about 30 years.

I am Not a "master home-brewer" just been doing it a long time. Hel, I made all the mistakes, years ago. I got some stories....... But thanks for the complements.
Good Brewing, relax sit back & enjoy a Home-brew.
'Til Later........
Old John
ps. I have a time or 2 made a "barley-wine" with a lot ofMalt & hops. It came out to 14% alcohol.
Very small bottles.JG

Wisereader    Posted 07-13-2004 at 07:51:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
Good to know that there is (are)a master brewer(s) in residence. I have just begun my first batch of wine, a Leon Millot, and so far no problems but calling me a novice would be a high compliment. I hope you don't mind if I come to you with any questions I may have over time.

Old John    Posted 07-13-2004 at 07:04:00       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Hi Ron,AR & Y'All, again,

I thought of a couple other things.
There are not many "hard-&-fast rules" about
Home-Brewing. A couple, though.
Keep everything CLEAN, sterilize, sterilize, sterilize.
If you add more sugar than the Yeast-critters can use, they die out at a certain % of alcohol.If there is more sugar left, it makes a sweet wine.

Good brewing takes T-I-M-E, no way to hurry it.
You can fool Mother Nature, with a Beer Yeast, instead of a Wine Yeast, though.
Yup, I've helped a lot of Folks get started Home-Brewing, over the years. I am glad to answer any questions you might have about Brewing.
I drink lightly, I use the Mead mostly for the Libations. The Ale & Lager is for beverage, though.
I do love to serve a "Good" drink, to my Friends & Family. I take pride in what I do.
I hope I've helped someone , here.
'Til Later.......
Old John

eg    Posted 07-13-2004 at 06:57:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
recipe for blueberry wine, sounds tasty!

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