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Country Discussion Topics
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This iz fer Judy in NC
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lamadon    Posted 07-13-2004 at 15:05:23       [Reply]  [Send Email]
hi just red yer post frum las nite, we are in the process of bildin our house and we r puttin in the basement ourselfs ( wife, three kids and myself) we are using the surface bonded block meathod. we got our info from fine home building mag. dec 1982 but I know that ive seen it in later publications of books from the same fine home building. the nice part is we are doing it our selfs and our 20x24 basement is gonna cost us aprox $3500 for material and excivating. its a user friendly way of doing it. probably find info on line some where. what it is we dry stack the blocks and basicly plaster the inside and outside with a concreet mix that has fiberglass fibers mixed in it (we are useing "quickwall" by quickcreete)and stacked blocks coated with bonding mix have an avg tensille strenth (ability to withstand longitudinal stress) of from 300-500 psi according to lab test by the usda and the univ of Georga. thats about equal to the streanth of a un reinforced concreet wall and about 6 times stronger than block laid up with ordinary mortar. we are puttin as much sweat equity into our home as posable so this was right up our alley and much more appealing than trying to learn how to lay block the conventinal way (from what ive seen and heard that has a very sharp learning curve and Im not to sharp LOL)my wife and kids stacked most of the blocks while I was at work and my oldest and I stacked the uppermost blocks since my wife is vertically chalenged LOL. and for the last week we have been putting on the bonding material between the rain storms every other day. and as for moisture, it is as moisture retardent as concreete, we are gonna also use a tar waterprofer on the exterior of the wall and paint waterproof paint on the inside just for good measure. but what sold us was a USDA booklet(bullitin No. 374) on the subject showing a 12 year old boy doing a successful job with just 15 min of practice. and with 9 kids you should not have a shotage of free labor LOL. feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. Keith

Judy in NC    Posted 07-13-2004 at 19:38:07       [Reply]  [Send Email]
This sounds very interesting. I will definitely see what I can find out online.
We don't mind hard work (in fact I like it), but I do fear making a mistake through my ignorance. I am not very experienced at building, though we have built some rather large rough outbuildings of our own.
Thank you very much for the info.

goatmantobe    Posted 07-13-2004 at 19:36:23       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Intrested in reading & finding more info on this type of basement const. Where do find the coating for the wall, is it hard to apply, how strong is the wall?

Chas in Me    Posted 07-13-2004 at 18:36:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sounds like you are doing it right. I would be sure that good drainage material surrounds the foundation.
Up here frost is a big problem and we make sure there is lots of gravel next to the foundation. This keeps water from setting in place, freezing and expanding and breaking the wall. I don't kmow where you live, so that may not be a problem. Best of luck with your project.
Due to old injuries, I was unable to do my own foundation, so LOML and I built our own kitchen cupboards. Saved about $5,000 on the price of the house. Do all you can. Its well worth it in the long run.


lamadon    Posted 07-13-2004 at 19:05:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
chas, we used a rubble filled trench foundation(F.L.Wright design)with a french drain run to daylight. our frost line in western PA. is 20" so I shouldnt have too much trouble with the foundation. by the way did you get my post on the floor? talk toya later. Keith

Chas in Me    Posted 07-13-2004 at 19:14:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yes I did. That's an interesting process. Do all you can to keep your money in your hands.

lamadon    Posted 07-13-2004 at 15:11:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
I forgot we also are filling several block cells with concreete top to botom on each wall and the corners to hold the j bolts we will attatch the 2x8s to so we can attatch our floor joist.

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