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The Tick
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KellyGa    Posted 07-16-2004 at 16:56:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Now, I know when I move, I will have 10 acres of wildness aroundm e, so I would expect to have to battle such things as ticks and fleas. I am not a squeamish person. I have picked up all sorts of horrors out of the yard from cat kills to something I poisoned. One thing that I just cannot stand is ticks. They are just the grossest, creepiest insects.

So, as I sit at the computer, drinking my coffee yesterday morning, Ian is fast asleep behind me, snoring softly, he is still working nights. Tip is lying next to him on the bed, and she is having one of those doggy dreams, you know the one, where the feet are jerking, the lip is quivering, and there is a little whining coming from within. You never know if that is a good dream, or a bad dream!

I went to get another cup of coffee, and as I turned around, it appeared that she had a tuft of her black hair sticking up right where her nose and fur meet. I woke her from her seemingly distressing dream.

"Comere Tip, let me see, wait, be still, come on now, be still!"

I thought I had seen something last night, but it was by the light of a lowly lit lamp I looked and evidently I didn't look hard enough.

AAAAGGGGHHHHH!! A TICK!! OMG! I was talking to my sister online, had to let her go! Ran and got some rubbing alcohol, sloshed some in a cup and went back to operate on the dogs nose.

PLUCK! Off it came, its little ugly legs dangling and scratching for purchase. I was disgusted by this nasty little blood sucking blotch in between my fingers, so...

I jammed him into the alcohol, watching him struggle in vain, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Evil laugh) Suffer! Suffer! Die you bad ugly bug! He was dead in a matter of seconds, naturally.

I immediately spun around in the desk chair after setting the cup on the desk, WHAM!!! I knock the dadblasted cup on the floor, now I had alcohol all over the floor, with a dead (I hoped) tick somewhere. Found him, plucked him up again, jammed him in the empty cup and stuck his butt in the trash, cinched up the trash and threw it out the back door for Ian to carry out when he went off to work.

Then, I rummaged through the dogs stuff til I found the Frontline and applied it promptly.

NOW...what makes this so funny is this. First, let me tell you, Ians dad lives on about 7 acres, and the woods are all the way up to his house, save the fenced in back yard. The first several years he was there, he had this notion that he wasn't going to spray for ticks and fleas. Well, naturally, a walk up to the mailbox was enough to send you to the loony bin!!!

There were full ticks, flat ticks, little ticks, ticks no bigger than a dot, ticks everywhere. He said he wasn't going to spray because the dead ticks would get eaten by birds and that might poison the birds, PHHHHT!!!!

Well, once the new lady of the house moved in ( I love her to pieces) she had all that kind of thinking changed. After all, she had grandbabies that came over.

Back to the dog story. I told Ian about the tick when he woke up.


"What." I said

"Well...she probably got it"


"Ummm..yeah, the gold course my dad and I go to, well, its surrounded by woods, and all they do to maintain the place is cut the grass"

(Its a cheapo gold course)

"You mean to tell me, YOU gave the DOG a tick????"

"Probably so, I have found them on me before after coming back from my dads."

Now, people that is just sad, YOU giving your DOG bugs, what can be said about that, tsk tsk tsk.


Maybe I ought to be putting the Frontline on Ian! ;)

His dad never understood. I kept telling him, rocky mountain spotted fever, lyme disease, HELLO???? Nope, not gonna spray. I stopped going down there, I didn't bring Tip anymore if I did. I would have to comb through her when we got home from there, heck one time, she fell asleep on her back while I combed through her. I musta looked like one of those monkeys picking another monkeys fleas, UGH!!!!!!! (Except I didnt EAT them, lol.)

DigitalMat    Posted 07-16-2004 at 21:55:25       [Reply]  [No Email]

We don't seem to have that many ticks around here. I remember getting them on the dogs as a child, but our dog that died last year didn't hardly get any since living here. I have been cutting firewood in the woods since early spring and have seen two, before they got attached. They were seriously killed before getting a meal. This looks like the kind we have seen here. No spraying, I don't know of anyone who does.

KellyGa    Posted 07-17-2004 at 04:15:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ugh, what a creepy creepy picture, bleaccchhh! Glad you don't have them. My FIL sprays now, and its much much better. He doesn't spray the whole 7 acres, but he sprays the area around the house and the back yard.

Alias    Posted 07-16-2004 at 19:16:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
Kelly, God bless you. I'm so releived to know that there's someone, somewhere, that hates ticks nearly as much as I.

I have this thing about ticks and whenever I suspect there's one on me, I react in much the same way as when I unexpectly walk upon a poisonous snake. You know what I mean, it's the feeling that you get when it seems like every nerve ending in your entire body begin to itch.
And, your body suddenly shakes and your lower lip and chin quivers and just for a brief moment your whole body tenses to overcome the fright.

Now, I have several small seed warts on my head, under the hair. Well, I must have asked my good loving wife a couple hundred time to check to see if a wart is a tick. And, our children all love me dearly, but, they tease me something fierce over my dread of those creepy crawly creatures.

At any rate, You tell an enjoyably interesting story. Keep this up and you'll be ranked right up there with Cindi. ......gfp

KellyGa    Posted 07-16-2004 at 19:28:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well bless your heart, thanks for the kind words! I can tell that I have to be in the mood. The one I told of the time before was not as good. I could tell, I was rushing, not into it. I was into this one a bit more.

Don't let em tease you! Let them get one of those suckers crawling on thier belly under their shirt one time and see what happens!!! (Yep, that happened to me, I about jumped outta my skin!)

DUHTYPO    Posted 07-16-2004 at 17:01:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
That would be GOLF COURSE..sorry

JDK    Posted 07-16-2004 at 17:23:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Getcha some organic tick pickers,Guinea Hens.Them birds will comb dang near every blade of grass,bush,post,plant,flower etc in pursuitof ticks and such.

KellyGa    Posted 07-16-2004 at 18:36:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, I forgot to mention that I told Ian, this is before he told me he prolly brought it home, that we shouldn't have one dang tick or anything else for that matter since I got 10 chickens roaming around out in the back yard, and thats where Tip goes to do her business, in the corner in private of course. :)

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