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Country Discussion Topics
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I'm Baaack! :0)
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MJ in SC    Posted 07-18-2004 at 13:25:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey everyone! I missed y'all. Had a great weekend camping, but when we returned home the computer decided IT needed a vacation! Since there were many other things on the "to-do list" that needed finshing first, the computer had to wait. Going to check out the archives to see just what y'all have been up to!

Alias    Posted 07-18-2004 at 16:05:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
We're glad you made it safely back. Now, what we want to know is all about your camping trip. Things like, where you went, things you did, people you met, how many fish you caught, how far you travelled, did you get good gas mileage, or anything else that pops into your mind.

But, if that too much to ask, just forget it. Anyway, it's good to know you thought enough of us to announce your return. Thanks, ....gfp

MJ in SC    Posted 07-19-2004 at 05:56:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey Alias! :0)

Weellll, we went to a S.C. State Park, just 15 minutes away from home ,so we could come back daily to feed critters! We left on Thursday and meet some friends there for an all ADULT evening. What fun! Steak and shrimp on the Barbie, mmmmmm good. What a crazy group!! We had a "little somethin" to help us all relax and ended up talking, laughing and having a good time until 3 am! Then we hit the hay.

Our son was at Boy Scout Camp so we went to pick him up Friday evening and brought him back to the campout. Our friends kiddos came out late friday evening too.

They own a nice ski boat so the kids and Dad's were pretty much on the water all day, tubing, knee boarding, and a little skiing too. That left us mom's to clean up and then just relax. It was wonderful to just float around in the lake and do...nothing! We'd ride in the boat occasionally...when there was room! LOL Didn't take any fishing poles this trip...don't know why, just didn't think about it.

Saturday we had a great time. We went down lake Thurmond to watch the fireworks..."Thunder on Thurmond" was what they called it. Pretty impressive and the boat ride by night was wonderful!

Sunday we lazied around and had a HUGE cook out that evening. My hubby is well known for his BBQ Chicken so everyone comes to see us the night we say we're doin' chicken.

Monday we milled about and slowly packed up and came home.

I love going to the lake to camp. It's so relaxing and so inexpensive. Only $16.00 a night! We have a pop-up camper with A/C so it's really comfy, and hubby loves to grill out so there's little cooking for me. The cooking that I do is with the crock-pot while at the lake so it's minimal too. Besides that, it's SOOOO beautiful! Waking up in the morning and watching the sunrise over the lake, feeding the geese and watching the goslings, listening to the slap of the water againsts the shore.,.....I'm ready...let's go again! LOL

A friend of ours took some great pictures. I she gets them to me I'll try and figure out how to post them.

Clod    Posted 07-18-2004 at 16:48:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
VACATION?? What is that?

MJ in SC    Posted 07-19-2004 at 06:02:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey Clod! :0)

Yeah, I know. We don't get vacations often, but everyone needs one now and then!! Besides, we had to come home everyday to feed and check on critters. Not that big of a deal, but still had to do it! My brother-in-law came by daily to open the chickens for us and we came home at the evening time to feed and close up. (Except for the All Adult Night...we had family come by and feed for us....don't drink and drive ya know!) Still was a great time...a break away from the everyday stuff!

My Dad is working on an automated chicken door as we speak, err, type. He's using a rechargable, reversible screwdriver motor, capasitors (sp), timer, and photocell. Probably some other things too! I'll have to give y'all the low down when we get it completed and installed.

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