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Country Discussion Topics
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I guess we never stop teaching....
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old lars    Posted 07-25-2004 at 20:36:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
today a friend was moaning about the car needing work on ta brakes an ta lug nuts were stucked up good n the bills as usuall and havin ta go get a loan blah blah blah,i basically had to tell this one ok stuck lug nuts,think.grab some kerosene and soak them and tappem with a hammer every day for a week,theyll come undone then just get the brake shoes and a book n tell yer ol man get offn his butt,he knows dang well how ta do it,forget 299$ at the shop,midas will do em all for 90 bucks or ya can do it yerself for 30$ all 4 wheels at that !.then she starts in on dinner about havin ta stuff in the tv dinners,i said ewwwwww no one eats that crap,no wonder your gainin weight,go to the butchers or down ta the farm and get your cuts whole,he cuts it up anyway ya like free an while ya theyre ya can get fresh veggies insteada them tinned can or frozen bags of em??? ya can blow 30 dollers on a big old hunk of what they call ny sirloin an get a months worth of steaks and another 15 will get ya a pork loin for 2 more weeks of dinner meat on top,what ya get fer 50 at the supermarket maybe 10 tv things ya cram in ta oven?,then her eyes opened wider an i was wonderin if i was goin ta get bobbitized any sec steppin back a foot.then it was the weight problem again and the lawn an wantin a rider mower,i said welp if ya mowed more with what ya got now an got off them tv dinners n junk food that big ol arse a yourn wouldnt be so big!ya get a rider itll get bigger for sure!!! i thot i were gointa get col cocked any second at that point.she ended up right roarin rippin pissed and i just said welp now,i just cured yer weight problem told ya how ta save 270 bucks an save 200 a month on your meat bill at least and shave them lbs offn yer butt insteda that stupid junk food ya eat packin it theyre .insteada goin ta the shrink ya can just writ me a check an be on yer merry way,oooooh wernt she pissed but she new dang well afterwards i had just helped her out in more ways n thing for sure though i know dang well she'll learn one way ta other or know better than ta lean on this ol pharts shoulder again for an earfull !! if they would just look at problem at hand and think some...

Burrhead    Posted 07-25-2004 at 20:44:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Lars before I forget it my son said to tell you thanks for sharing your website.

Some folks are too lazy to enjoy eating on real groceries. I gave a new neighbor a garden spot and he asked me if I'd work it for him. I told him no but when he got ready to garden just holler and I would be happy to show him how. That was 2 or 3 years ago and have'nt heard a word about it since.

Ron/PA    Posted 07-26-2004 at 08:53:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
I don't think I have a microwave, however I do have a digital clock that will on occasions boil water.

SusieQ    Posted 07-26-2004 at 03:59:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
I hear and see the same thing.....folks, well esp the younger not cook, from scratch, some don't know how.........that is what cookbooks are for...amazing huh? We grew all our own food growing up, canned the surplus, and had a well stocked cellar......survivors, you bet.
And having only sisters in family, we were taught by our father to do all things, that boys did to help out with chores...Training them up in the ways to take care of themselves was his beliefs..and how so very true.

Clod    Posted 07-25-2004 at 20:43:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
WEll..Old Lars I put anti seize on most bolts here just because I might be the one to remove them the next time.Many times they use torches to get old bolts loose..Oh yes..My pal Smiley told me that an onion will save the work on getting bolts to not stick.. Well bedtime..I hope the bosses clock is rusty.

old lars    Posted 07-25-2004 at 20:48:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
eyep i use antiseize like holy water here,many times i use a torch but most dont know how an end up burnin theyre unit or the car down or just snappin the stud or bolt off,if theyd only use they heads sometimes.i will have ta try that onion trick as well,basically i knew what she was hintin at but i wernt havin no part of it!,it is up to them ta help theyselfes in life to not depend on people ta do they jobs for them,burr,i am glad my sites helpin him out.i try harder..

Clod    Posted 07-25-2004 at 20:53:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Try this one day and tell me if it works..Smiley said that if you drill an onion before you use the drill on metal then it stays sharp longer.good night lars..its time to hit the hay....

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