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We've got Babies!!! Whahoo! :0)
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MJ in SC    Posted 07-31-2004 at 07:07:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
My friends that we're incubating eggs for me called last night! We've hatching!!! LOL

Went to their house late last night and three chicks have already hatched..two more with beaks through and peck holes on the remainders. Can't wait to see the chicks!!

I know...I'm nuts! Sorry can't help it! LOL Love those chickens! :0)

Debbie in Virginia    Posted 07-31-2004 at 09:14:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
Congratulations! We love our chickens too. What kind of chickens do you have? We have an assortment here - White Jersey Giants, Black Jersey Giants, Pearl White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Golden Polish (they're my favorite with their cute little top hat and beautiful markings). Last year we had Silkie Bantams and Auracanas, as well as several other breeds, but we lost all our chickens - some to heat stroke when we had to move the chicken coop (long story) and the rest to a varmint (probably raccoon). So we started over this year with new chicks. They didn't have any Auracanas available when we ordered so we'll have to get them later. Good luck with your babies!

MJ in SC    Posted 07-31-2004 at 16:04:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi Debbie!

Sounds like you have quite an assortment. We received our first chickens (3) Clara, Cloe and Cleo (lost Cleo) and rooster Chanticleer from a neighbor. They appear to be Dominiques. Thought they were barred rocks, but further research says Dominiques. The rooster isn't full blooded....he has some marking like an americana. But I love em!

Just got an update on the babies....7 of 8 eggs have hatched! They are so cute! Can't wait until they are good and dry and we can bring them home. I've reinforced an old ferret cage with 1/2 inch hardware cloth for them. Going to keep them inside until they get some size on them and can hopefully get large enough that a snake won't bother them. Think that's what happened to Cloe and her nest of eggs. Still not exactly sure. Still want to do some more reinforcing on the coop as well. Always something! :0)

I'm going to have to check out all the breeds you have. Several I've never heard of!

Debbie in Virginia    Posted 07-31-2004 at 17:55:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
We used to have Dominiques too. My mom & dad are from West Virginia, and they call them "Domineckers", so that's what we called them too. They were beautiful hens.

We always got a kick out of the blue and green eggs the Auracanas laid. And our silkies had started laying too before the coon or whatever got them. Their eggs were so small - about 3/4 the size of a small egg in the grocery! The biggest egg layers we had I think were our Rhode Island Reds.

Good luck with the babies!

DigitalMat    Posted 07-31-2004 at 08:17:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
Congrats to the new parents! It's going to be hard to find enough matching outfits for the baby shower! (oh dear...)

KellyGa    Posted 07-31-2004 at 07:18:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
If your nuts then I must be off my rocker and shot out of the frame..LOL!!!! Congratulations!!!! I love my chickens too. :) Course you knew that. ;)

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