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Country Discussion Topics
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Another American hero gone
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ron,ar    Posted 08-08-2004 at 12:38:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
I see where Red Adair is gone, the Good Lord will have to let him in heaven, if he goes the other way he will put out all the fires in he11.

Just heard...    Posted 08-08-2004 at 14:27:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
He was an amazing man...


Clod    Posted 08-08-2004 at 15:01:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
There are a few who go do things diffrently from the average.Red could have punched a clock in a refinery untill now.But who would have heard of him? I admire those who do things that the average do not attempt.Red was one of a kind.

~lenore    Posted 08-08-2004 at 15:20:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Reminds me of this joke.

A Texan died and ascended into Heaven. St. Peter met him
and welcomed
him saying "You will certainly enjoy Paradise."
The Texan shook his head sadly and said "I always thought
that TEXAS
was Paradise."
St. Peter said "Well, let me show you what we have to
offer." He took
the Texan to an area that had a beautiful river flowing
through it with
wildlife and flowers everywhere. "Isn't this beautiful?"
said St. Peter
The Texan replied, "Yes, but not as pretty as the area
around SAN ANTONIO."
Somewhat ruffled, St. Peter took him to another area where
there were
rolling hills, whitetail deer and bluebonnets and Indian
everywhere. "Now" said St. Peter "Have you ever seen
anything so wonderful?"
The Texan paused and said "Yes, it is beautiful but it does
not hold a
candle to the TEXAS HILL COUNTRY in the springtime."
Becoming more upset, St. Peter then took the Texan to a
beautiful white
beach, with gentle waves, and an azure sky. "Now have you
anything this beautiful in Texas" said St. Peter.
The Texan smiled and said "I guess you've never been to
At this point, St. Peter took the Texan to a large rock. On
the side of
the rock was a huge iron door. St. Peter opened the door
and they
stepped into an elevator and started going down. As they
descended, it grew more and more hot. When the elevator
door open, it revealed the fires of
damnation-Hell. St. Peter said "Now, have you got anything
in Texas that
can top that?" The Texan thought a moment and shook his
head. "No, but I know an ole boy from HOUSTON
that can put that thing out for you."

Not Brag just fact!!

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