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Country Discussion Topics
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A lesson on the postal service
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Clod    Posted 08-08-2004 at 20:32:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
>>>>>>> Clod I've got to ask, Do you derive some type of enjoyment from this? Why keep screwing around? Just go down to the PO and talk to the lady. I am absolutely sure that your problem whether it be their fault your fault or imagined could be cleared up right away.
When you do get there State your problem in a calm and peacful manner. They no more have to stand there and take abuse and disrespect than any other human being and they won't. I have the impression that they must have felt some lack of respect coming from you and they gave the postmaster will call story 'cause they did'nt want to deal with your crap any longer.

Ron/PA    Posted 08-09-2004 at 06:39:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
So who is this really? Clod the postal customer, or Clod the postal carrier? This looks like a conversation between Clod and Clod! If it ain't please sign your name so's I can keep track of the player without buying a program.
I ain't complaining ya unnerstand, now don't go postal on me or nuthin. Put that gun away!!hehehe.

SusieQ    Posted 08-09-2004 at 15:12:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ha ha sounds like Clod just went postal, listen for the police sirens......

Pitch    Posted 08-09-2004 at 01:57:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
You are absolutely correct Mr. Clod I drew my information from assumptions. I have read your posts and I have seen you demonstrate your lack of tolerance and lask of respect towards your boss, "kids", democrats, politicians, urban people and anyone else that does'nt hold the same position you do on a particular subject. No lieing is not OK in my book, but that may have seemed to be the most expediant option at the time as opposed to having a raving abusive customer escorted from the building in the arms of the law. I was not there you were. It just seems to me that you have taken a mistake on someones part and are using as a prop to prove your mistaken assumption that all postal(government) workers are incompetent and lazy,therfore including myself and apparantly Steve 19438 in your definition. I took offense as I am none of those things and neither are the majority of my co-workers. Your reticence to explain the problem even after several requests from a couple of folks who are knowledgable on the postal system other than your unfair characterization of the employees of the postal service led me to make the ASSUMPTION that this problem you are having may have been at least partially brought about about by some mistake or misunderstanding of the system on your part of which you are unwilling to accept any culpability for. I visit this board a couple of times a day and I have formed the opinion that you are an intelligient well read person and I find most of your postings to be well thought out and entertaining. Good day sir and remember "you always catch more flies with syrup than you do vinegar"

Maggie/TX    Posted 08-09-2004 at 08:30:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Pitch, I agree with you that most postal employees are NOT incompetent. My grandfather was a rural postal carrier back when all he had to carry the mail in was a horse-drawn buggy and he did his job well, even when thunderstorms spooked the horse and made his job actually life-threatening.

BUT, I also know Clod to be a very calm person unless unduly provoked. He is not the kind of guy to march into the Post Office and start a voilent scene. I have SEEN him remain amazingly calm and unruffled while having to work in 100 degree heat in the hot sun. He has more patience than a lot of guys would.

And, where he lives and works is NOT hard to find, even for someone who has not been trained by the post office to find certain addresses. There is a very large major business basically across the highway to use as a landmark and then nothing else all around but fields for quite a distance on both sides of the MAJOR highway.

~Lenore (no drivel)    Posted 08-09-2004 at 08:08:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
The basic problem was explained in the first post by my pal Clod.
We live in a small town, not a big challenge to out post office.
Hwy 90 in the Liberty Post Office area starts with a 100 block and there is only one customer in the one hundred block which is right next to the west city limit sign.
If you went any farther west you would be in the Dayton post office area.
Now Clod lives on the far east side of the very same Hwy 90 in the 10,000 block, which is also the last block on the hwy.. His mail was addressed to him in care of the company he works for that has been in that location for many years.

Pitch, you did assume (ass=u=me) I always think of that little quip when someone "assumes", that Clod was "a raving abusive customer". I can assure you he was not. He is a very calm, laid back polite gentleman. The post mistress in a personal conversation with him told him she would check into it and call him. She has not called.

Like so many of us here, he may vent his frustration here about different things. If no one could do that, this board would not have nearly as many readers and posters.

Be warned, Pitch, by the way, my favorite time of the year is coming soon. You will be seeing DRIVEL on here, because I dont want to go "somewhere else" to post it. :-)

Clod    Posted 08-08-2004 at 20:45:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Bottom line here.It is OK to lie.If you "feel" disrespect.

JB    Posted 08-08-2004 at 22:16:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
JMO, (for what it is worth) the post office OWES the service promised, regardless of their opinion of the unhappy customer!

Course, I'd visit often, if I weren't getting satisfaction.. I wouldn't just wait home and wait for a miracle.. or the tooth fairy.. or for the yellow brick road to materialize..

Clod    Posted 08-09-2004 at 03:50:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
There he goes again >>>----> No lieing is not OK in my book, but that may have seemed to be the most expediant option at the time as opposed to having a raving abusive customer escorted from the building in the arms of the law <<<<<<<,,

Wait a second..    Posted 08-09-2004 at 04:42:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
..If being nice when you don't really feel like it is lieing...boy howdy I'd better line my casket with ice packs! I'm not taking a side on this issue, just an observation.

Clod    Posted 08-09-2004 at 04:48:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
What we got here..What we got here Luke,, What we got here,,Is a failure to communicate.

mojo    Posted 08-09-2004 at 05:03:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thought i had to be missing something!

Clod    Posted 08-09-2004 at 05:08:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
His guesses are as good as gold.>---> STANLEY: I know not, mighty sovereign, but by guess.

KING RICHARD III: Well, sir, as you guess, as you guess?

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