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Country Discussion Topics
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Yo Old John....
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 08-10-2004 at 18:03:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
I grabbed some crab-grass examples today unexpectedly walking over them. Seeing them I had to have them. Here they are.

Lower left corner the blossom. The rest the plant the stem and leaves and some more blossoms. Note the crocked joints typical of this wild grass. Some interesting observations, growing singularly it likeís to crawls near flat growing over the earth: In competition with its kind it will stand tall and grow straight up for itís share of the sun. Being an annual plant, Crab grass must reseed itself each year to come-up again.
Not remembering the blossom having seldom seen it grown to maturity. I had to have, copy a sample for my document records,

For some of your grasses start by checking these links.'Sioux%20Blue'.htm

I found them informative. Have fun.

Old John    Posted 08-11-2004 at 07:05:37       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Thanks Fernan,
I already had a couple of those sites saved.
Thanks for your trouble, tho.
I was really looking for someone who'd had some
experience with these tall, warm-season grasses.
I tried the HT board too but no luck.

It's too late to plant the seed I got, this year.
So, guess I'll save it 'til next Spring.
I think I'll just turn over an acre or two, up
by one piece of our woods & sow it heavy, to make up for year-old seed. I don't know if I'll mix it or make separate strips, to see what it does.
It's just sorta something I wanted to try out.

We have all sorts of grasses & plants here on this little place. The old couple that had it,
belonged to Nat. Wildlife Fed. and the Arbor Day Soc. So, they planted all kinds of trees, floweres & such.
They fed the Humming-birds, a lot & I started out with that too. I have as many as 40 Hummers, at the feeders at one time. I have bats, & a martin house, & a 1 acre pond. All courtesy of the old couple.
I just sure "Lucked out", hunnh?
'Til Later,
Old John
Oh & Thanks again.............JG

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