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Country Discussion Topics
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Randy    Posted 04-11-2002 at 00:27:44       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Folks: Sorry this isn't a country type of question but I need advice from a group of smart people, and you do give good advice, soooo, here goes. My brother in law has multiple sclerosis. He's 56, and has had it since 27, has had many flareups over the years and always come back to fairly good health. Lately it has been a different story, with 2-3 flareups a year, and each one getting worse and leaving him more damaged than before. The attacks were usually severe fatigue and weakness. Now real bad dizziness is part of it too. My question is: Do you have MS or know someone who does, who might have found some good things to do to reduce or eliminate the attacks, or something that brings them back from an attack quicker and in better condition? I'm thinking diet,vitamins,drug therapies from your doctor, any tips at all that you've or others have had success with. Many thanks!!

Ole Cuss    Posted 04-11-2002 at 16:09:58       [Reply]  [No Email]

The link below has further links to alternative therapies for MS. For a good article on the bee venom therapy, go to

screaminghollow    Posted 04-11-2002 at 08:04:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
About seven years ago, there was a Neurologist near Waldorf or Oxon Hill, Maryland who was having mild success using beestings to alleviate MS. (OUCH) There was even a bit on National TV about it. I met him a few times. His Name began with a G, maybe Goodman, as I recall his first name might have been Neil. There's a fellow around York who advertises that he will remove wasp and yellow jacket nests for free, I think he may be supplying the insects for the same purpose.
Wish you luck!

Hilltopper    Posted 04-11-2002 at 06:58:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
My wife's brother in law has Krohn's (sp) desease. He is six foot two and now weighs about 150 lbs. or less. He eats frozen popsicle sticks as he cannot keep any thing down. He is a pathologist in Dayton, Ohio and treats AIDS patients and performs fine needle aspirations to detect breast cancer, and is quite good at it. He recently ordered a $5000 (that's right!), mattress from Louisville bedding because of his thin hips causing poor sleep and semi-bedsores. He is very high strung and is/was not a good person to play Scrabble with, etc. You know the type, but he is a likeable fellow. I think his being high strung has a lot to do with his desease, and his wife may have symtoms of MS. I suggested he get on Pig Arthritus Formula and maybe some herbs but he just shrugs it off. We are hoping to get him to sell his practice and retire. He is rich in money and all but he has to be miserable. I think mind set has a lot to do with your health. I guess we will have to drag him to a holistic clinic. What has he got to lose? I hope your brother in law gets better. Hilltopper

Ole Cuss    Posted 04-11-2002 at 16:26:14       [Reply]  [No Email]

I was at a veterinary conference last week where a speaker noted that there was an association in a small number of cases of human Crohn's Disease and paratuberculosis, which is a disease of ever-increasing importance in the US dairy cow industry. Perhaps your brother-in-law might wish to research this if he is unaware of these reports. The link below has further links to scientific research papers on this.

Kathy Aldridge    Posted 04-11-2002 at 05:54:07       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi Randy, I agree with the previous posts about the environmental link to MS & a lot of other chronic,debillitating diseases.
Has he tried Colloidal Silver (antiviral,anitbacterial),Cats Claw(herb for inflammation),Olive Leaf Extract(herbal antibiotic) and possibly Essiac tea
I have Crohns disease and have had numerous surgeries & hospitalizations, but in 1997 I decided to go the holistic route and since then I've not had a flare up or been hospitalized.
Herbs,vitamins & supplements take longer to work and once you are doing good on them you don't usually stop like with prescription drugs. But the side effects are none to very little, and you aren't just masking the symptoms with a drug.
There's a website I'd suggest, the woman is a Naturopath and the information is excellant in my opinion.
I hope you find him some help, it is rough having such medical difficulties and not getting any relief.
Blessings, Kathy

Sammie    Posted 04-11-2002 at 10:16:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
I was diagnosed with an Epstein-Barr Virus reactivation 2 years ago (virus that causes Mono). Still have it - so now it is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Dr. has had me on prescription drugs that helped at first - not the virus but the symptoms. Now it doesn't so I'm taking myself off the drugs slowly cuz they are very addictive. I am also looking for a more natural way to treat the fatigue and other stuff.

What have I done other than going off my drugs? Bought a house and started remodeling!! Just finished the Search and Rescue Acadamy and have to push myself every day to get up and get dressed. Some days I don't succeed, others, I do pretty good but a full days work isn't like the full days work that I used to have.

While we are on the subject of alternative methods of treatment, any suggestions for my problem? I'm going to check out all of the links already provided. My Dr. doesn't do alternative stuff AT ALL. So I'm on my own.

DJ    Posted 04-11-2002 at 04:39:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mycoplasma search results


Possibly related to/caused by environment. You could research the mycoplasma and the EMR connection.

Electromagnetic radiation

bob    Posted 04-11-2002 at 04:28:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
Randy sorry to hear about Ms Had a friend who had it and he kept himselfin remance by eating a lot of fruit and sckiping red meats Don,t know if this will help but good luck Our prayers are with you bob

BOSS    Posted 04-11-2002 at 03:42:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
My sister was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago,And it is a VERY bad subject around our house!! She tells everybody she has it, yet, she hasn't done ANYTHING to help it. She can't see out of one of her eyes all the time, the doctor said if she relieves the stress in her life, the sight will return, that was 2 years ago. In her flareups, her right side of her body goes numb or she loses bladder control. They always go away, but the fact is, she hasn't changed her diet, hasn't stopped smoking, as stressed out as ever, doesn't take it easy, doesn't exercise though she says she does, twice a week. Everybody tells her to get on her meds. but she thinks her and her husband want to have another baby?!?!?! So she will wait????? So she tells everybody she meets,that she has MS, I guess so they feel sorry for her, but she refuses to do anything about it!!!!

sorry, I told you it was a sore subject around here.

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