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Country Discussion Topics
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Nobody is eating the right food
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Toni    Posted 04-13-2002 at 20:36:55       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Well as you probably surmised from both Dennis and I we are the new kids on the country block. We have two pigs, five rabbits, five little chickens, 20 ducks, 4 BIG chickens and a rooster that sounds like a BullFrog. All doing well and eating great. Now we have a ram who thinks the grass is greener on the otherside and has a permanent indention from getting his head stuck in the fence so much, but Dennis bought a $40.00 something or other that cuts the fence just great thank you. Hopefully we won't have to refence. Here is the problem we have a Great Pyrnees puppy, a great sheep dog but the dog is eating the sheep food and the sheep are eating the dog food . We do not feed the sheep a lot since they have access to the pasture but when we do Half-Pint is over there in a New York Second. He still does eat his food when he is in the other barn for his morning and evening fun time. Has anyone had this problem with their critters and if so should I worry or just let it be and hope the sheep don't bark and the puppy doesn't baaaaaaah? Any help, advice, words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thank you,
PS Does anyone else out there have a Great Pry? Typical woman you get me going and I can't stop either talking or writing.

Toni    Posted 04-14-2002 at 14:43:05       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Thanks everyone for your followup. Glad I took my husband's advice and joined in on this site. You are all a terrific group.

Even on the net the country is the best!

If the sheep start barking I will let you know.

thanks again,

Kathy    Posted 04-14-2002 at 08:44:52       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I found some sites about scrapie, sorry I spelled it wrong on my last post.

From what I read, scrapie is related to the 'mad cow disease' family of diseases but is found in sheep,goats & such.
I also thought about what you could feed the dog when in with the sheep. How about making some 'vegetarian' dog bisquits that if the sheep ate them wouldn't be a problem? You could probably turn them into 'kibbles' if your dog would rather have them that way. If you need a recipe, I have about 30.
Have a great day, Kathy

Kathy    Posted 04-14-2002 at 07:59:39       [Reply]  [Send Email]
The only thing I'd be concerned about is scrappie in the sheep. Scrappie if I'm correct can be passed on by ruminants like sheep,goats,deer,etc eating feed that has meat in it. You can check with the county extension regarding sheep eating products containing meat, but I think I'd find a way to feed the dog away from the sheep so the risk would be minimized. Maybe during the day you find some non dog food items that he could snack on instead of leaving the dog food out. It's just my opinion, but from what I've read it could cause problems down the line with the sheep.
I don't think it's as much of a problem for the dog to eat the sheeps food unless there's meds in it. My cocker spaniel likes to indulge in a daily snack of chicken mash when she's out with me doing chores. Strange critters we have.:)
You might want to do a search for scrappie to see if others have found the same problems with dog food eaten by sheep
Good Luck, we all had to start somewhere & this is a good place to find answers.

Sammie    Posted 04-14-2002 at 03:10:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, I only have a 14 yr. old dog and a 4 yr. old cat so I can only help just so much. My dog does just fine with her food but then, that's not surprizing since this dog eats sour krout, pickles and mushrooms too. The cat, however, almost died of a bladder things/infection that cats get and has to have this expensive cat food. He HATES the expensive stuff and my dog won't even eat it!!! lol Matter of fact, my cat tried to eat the dry dog food and cut his mouth instead of eating the prescription catfood - SO I took it back to the vet and asked if they had some canned cat food, maybe Sam would eat that. He does but I have to put it in a place behind the dryer so the dog doesn't eat it.

I have to say though that those two get along alot better since Sam almost died. Julie, my dog doesn't pull out his hair anymore!!! lol

Animals seem to eat what they instinctively need. The horses eat the bark off of my trees, the goat fight with the horses for the best grassy spot, then the goat goes and curls up with the pig to sleep at night!! These are the neighbors animals that live on my land too. I wouldn't worry about it. Just enjoy them for what they are.

Mark Hendershot    Posted 04-13-2002 at 21:18:34       [Reply]  [No Email]

When you get Big Dogs they eat alot as they grow. Our Bronze Newfoundland "Herc" is 2 and allready weights 140 lbs and should top ut at about 165 lbs by 5 years old. He will eat anything he can get into if you let him. We make our own dog food for ours but he still likes the Pigs, Cows and Chickens if he gets a chance. Enjoy your puppy they grow fast! Mark H.

bob    Posted 04-14-2002 at 05:58:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mark years ago i had a adog who ate hog feed and went blind elevator said they mixed something in hog feed that would do to a dog but not bother hogs check it out maybe don,t use it now bob

WallSal55    Posted 04-13-2002 at 21:17:27       [Reply]  [Send Email]
The only animal I can talk to, and get it to
listen half the time, is the dog. The dog loves
to steal the cat food, and the cats love to
nibble from the dog's. I do have the dog trained
to sit at the front door with her food, while
the cats eat over yonder from their food. She
is to stay by the glass storm door (where I can
keep an eye on her). This is the only thing that
has saved up a lot of money in cat food, and the
cats don't starve! So, my advice is to try
working with and training the dog first.

Dennis    Posted 04-13-2002 at 20:44:29       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Toni forgot to tell you the BIG chickens eat the dog food and the pigs don't seem interested in their food.

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