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Country Discussion Topics
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Are we bad parents for doing this?
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GusandEdie    Posted 04-16-2002 at 06:47:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
I work during the week in town as a telephone man and my wife is at home with our 15 month old boy. During nap time she will go outside and do various chores from discing the pasture in front of the house or work in the garden or basically what she can get done. She checks in on our little man often but we catch heck from the grandparents. What do you folks think?

Justin - Pa    Posted 04-16-2002 at 12:08:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
We use one of those baby monitors (basically a 1-way radio). You can get them for $20 or $30. If the wife is out and I'm babysitting our little guy (21 months), I use it. If he's napping or sleeping, I have one of the receivers outside with me. I also play a little soft music/etc. If I can hear the music, I can hear him loud and clear! It's still not a good idea to go far. I figure if I'm within reception range I'm close enough.

Dave in Mo    Posted 04-16-2002 at 09:27:54       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I think she (or some adult) should be in the house whenever the baby is sleeping. We took turns with our four kids......and survived. The extra work you can get done isn't worth the risk. Years in the furture, you'll forget about the discing etc. If something did happen, you'd never forgive yourselves. My 2 cents.

Jim (Mi)    Posted 04-16-2002 at 09:17:10       [Reply]  [Send Email]
With all the tech in audio equipment, go to a spy shop and buy a little FBI type listening device. Plant it on the youngster, or in his bed. Have the receiver near your ear. Then you can hear him waking up. My in-laws have a neat set-up with an built it intercom in every room. Pretty neat, they push a button, and broadcast radio, or tell everyone to come inside for dinner.

screaminghollow    Posted 04-16-2002 at 08:16:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
You didn't say where he naps and how frequently she checks on him, or how close she is etc. When my EX-inlaws had my one year old daughter for a week, years ago. I got off work early one day and stopped by early to pick her up. They were out in the field baling hay. My daughter was in a playpen in the living room screaming her lungs out with a wasp stuck on her arm. Judging by the red face, tears down her face and clothes, she had been screaming for some time. I gave those folks a few choice words. My ex-wife took their side and didn't understand why I was so upset. To this day, I am thoroughly convinced they are all three morons. They lived along a major highway and someone could have easily snatched her. On weekends when the ex was working, I would let my daughter nap and be working in the yard or on the car in the driveway, but I never was out of earshot. The farm next to me had a terrible thing happen years back. The husband and wife were in the barn working, with two young kids taking naps. The old furnace malfunctioned and spewed burning oil into the house. By the time the parents realized the house was on fire, it was too late to get to the second floor. They were only in the barn for a half hour. I realize that accidents happen despite the best of care, but I'm going to hang close when it involves such helpless little ones.

GusandEdie    Posted 04-16-2002 at 08:44:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well I guess that means NO MORE tractor work even if she can see the house. Other than being on the tractor she is definately in ear shot. I too have been worried about someone sneaking around and snatching him, but we are off of the beaten path. Not to mention the dogs would put up one heck of a racket if someone came around. I have always been worried about fire or some other unspeakable tragedy. He is too precious to us and I believe we will have to stay close at all times, no project is worth our little one.

Sammie    Posted 04-16-2002 at 11:14:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Just my 2 cents.

When mine was little, I had music playing low in his room. I had his crib across from the window, tilted the blinds so I could see him and opened the window a bit. If I could hear the radio, I could hear him cry for sure. If I couldn't hear the radio, it was something I would do after he woke up and take him with me. I put Morgan in a backpack when he was about 5 months old and did most anything I would have done without- within reason of course.

You can actually do quite a bit with baby in tow. My mother babysat for me and still managed to reroof her porch by taking Morgan up on the roof (everybody cringe!! lol) and tied a rope around his belly, gave him about 2' of rope and tied the other end around the chimney. He had his toys and blanket and munchies/ drink and watched grandma work. While I did have my hesitations, after thinking about what she did with me (nailed my dress to the roof!!!) I figured this was probably alittle safer and more humane!! When he was 2 yrs old, he had his own hammer and wrenches. While my mother was building her pumphouse, Morgan was on the screened porch pounding an entire box of nails into grandmas woodwork. yes, he hit his thumb with his little hammer - he lived and learned. Now that he is grown, he has been helping her build a second story on her house. By including him, did she start something? Nope. he is a computer programmer!! lol

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