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Country Discussion Topics
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Zell Miller (political)
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TO35    Posted 09-02-2004 at 15:13:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
I must say I admired Zell for his speech at the convention. Being from Georgia and knowing his past record I wonder what his real agenda is.
He once had the nickname Zig-Zag Zell, depending on who he talked to, he always had the answer you wanted to hear. He was an Ok Governor here. I ponder is it possible for a politican to change? or is this another Zig-Zag?
I cannot ever remeber a politian crossing over during an election and supporting the other party.

this is just my opnion, I would like your take( not attack on my opnion) on the crossing over of
Zell,does this seem odd to anyone else other than me?

TO35 ...still pondering.....

Mike in tn    Posted 09-03-2004 at 07:23:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
I think that it is like Zell said. The party left him, he didn't leave the party. The Democrats also made a bad mistake when they decided that Sam Nunn was too conservative for their party. It appears to me that the southern Democrats are going to have to start their on party, or change like Zell.

Alias    Posted 09-02-2004 at 16:02:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
My take on this goes back to what I wrote the other day to burrhead. There is no wholly right or wrong political party. And, most voters do not vote for a candidate. Instead, they tend to block someone they disapprove of by voting for his/her opponent. It all boils down to choozing the lesser of two evils.

When Kerry first came into the picture trying to pass himself off as an Irishman, I began to have doubts. Later, when I learned that he was the same guy that protested the vietnam war with Jane, I had even more doubts. Even later, when I learned he was sent home from vietnam with 3 Purple hearts after only 4 months there, I had greater doubts. But, when I learned that he came back home to serve as an aid to an admiral, my doubts escallated. And, one of the things that concerned me was whether or not he served the full term of his enlistment. Put all these things together and the aroma surrounding that whole affair smells to high heaven. I think he was a stooge for some high-up-on-the-ladder democratic bosses. So, Maybe Zell Miller supports bush cause he thinks Kerry would be bad for the nation.......gfp

RN    Posted 09-02-2004 at 15:49:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Republican crossover last election-New Englander. Democrat to Republican, been a few, Ben Campbell from Colorado said Liberal Dems ruining party-he couldn't represent his area as a Democrat, switched to Republican, DNC tried to get back $250,000 soft money. Check Newt Gringrich also, other Southern conservative Democrats switch to Republican during Reagen/Bush presidentcies. Exmayor New York Koch said will vote Bush. Things are getting lively- Truthful, moral Democrats finally can't be associated with Lying Liberal terrorist enableing group without risking loss of office at election time- switch to Republican acceptable to voters who also can't stand immoral, lying Liberal section- Former conservative Democrat-turned- Republican stays in office. November is going to be interesting. RN

big fred    Posted 09-02-2004 at 21:26:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
Also include Ronald Reagan in your Democrat-turned -Republican. I think what he was referring to, though, was a sitting elected official speaking at the opposing party's national convention. Probably could only be done by someone like Miller who is not running for re-election. His state party would tear him apart otherwise and he wouldn't get on the ballot.

RN    Posted 09-03-2004 at 02:06:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
Detroit Democrat- also NRA director, shows up at NRA and a few Republican events. Has good local organization- last primary had conflict with Liberal gun grabber candidate supported by DNC-party loyalty and gun control main arguments, Liberal lost primary something like 40/60 %. DNC told to pay election campaighn bills or conservative primary winner would consider becoming Republican-DNC shown not to have good local Liberal organization, they needed him more than he needed them. RN

John Connolly    Posted 09-02-2004 at 20:01:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
The Texas Dem. gov. (who was wounded in the attack that killed JFK) switched parties, ran as a Republician, unsucessfully, in 1980 for president. Politics make strange bedfellows.

Len....NY    Posted 09-02-2004 at 15:44:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
HI TO, Your opinion is respected here. It's always good to speak with folks in a reasonable manner. I believe the fact that Sen. Miller consistantly voted counter to his party prompted his party to disavow him. Hence the moniker you mentioned. Please remember, Dems did not always embrace the liberal slant as they have today. It was'nt party above all. IMO

Red Dave    Posted 09-02-2004 at 15:37:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
I was wondering something similar. He said in an interview later that it was the way Daschle trys to force the democrat senators to vote on homeland security issues.
I've heard him interviewed before about his book on the democrats not being a national party anymore, just far-out left wing interests, in his opinion.

I don't know what the whole story is, but something set him off, cause he sure was riled up.

Maybe he figures that at his age, and since he is retiring anyway, he may as well let fly with whatever is on his mind.
Most likely, time will tell.

Les    Posted 09-02-2004 at 17:17:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
I hear Daschle is running ads in his own reelection campaign that show him "embracing" the president. Why do you suppose that is?
(No answer required. I think it's pretty easy to figure out why.)
Teeyo, ain't it funny that while Zell was on the reservation, them Democrats didn't bother to bring up the fact that he once worked for Lester Maddox. That was never brought up back in '92 when he made a similar speech in support of Slick Willie. Now they want to make sure that everybody knows that he is (or at least was) a racist.

TO35    Posted 09-02-2004 at 17:34:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
I wondered if anyone knew about him working with Lester,I choose not to say that first.

TO35....still wondering if anyone actually checks a canadates voting record?

Les    Posted 09-02-2004 at 17:39:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
I didn't watch the speech but I sure heard a lot of it on the radio today. Quite a stem winder it was. I particularly liked the "spit ball" line.
Evenings at home, we don't watch much TV. Listen to the nice music on the satellite dish. Much more conducive to good mental health.

Clod    Posted 09-02-2004 at 18:26:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
I watch my Tv in the corner over there often.I just never plug it in.It dont bother me being here untill I put electricity to it.I till hate it because in the sixties you had three choices of viewing.ABC,NBC and CBS. Actually they were all liberals and were interchangeable.We were sapposed to think.Hey all three agree so it must be true!

Les    Posted 09-02-2004 at 18:32:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
Clod, this is 2004 and, mercifully, there are other choices than Rather, Brokaw and Jennings. Now I ain't saying that you should spend a lot of time watchin the teevee but, if you should happen to be visitin somewhere where they have one hooked up to either cable or satellite, ask your hosts to let you watch the Fox News Channel for a while. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how things have changed from the bad old days when the liberals owned everything.

Clod    Posted 09-02-2004 at 18:54:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oh I have watched TV at friends homes. I am not a spectator . either I get to talk back to the persons or I turn them off. It once worked like this.The three stooges told 250 million folks what to think.The internet finally arrived and made these three fools wonder what became of their future .The people will actually think for themselves from now on. By the way ,One man was involved with national TV in a big way before he quit and started talking truthfully.He said these big shot newsmen are called TALENT by the owners of the broadcasting systems.

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