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I missed it
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geo. h    Posted 09-04-2004 at 13:11:45       [Reply]  [Send Email]
DANG' I see i missed out on some birthdays and to those i say happy birthday an many more.I missed on welcoming of some new members to our KL family and to those i give a hardy welcome.I will continue to pray for our KL family down south including my youngest daughter whos in ORLANDO.I have been thinking of LENORE an how she keeps track of all those bd's. If she dont mind i would like to send her a big [[[HUG]]]. I wonder when her bd is,if she said than i missed it, i think she is a wonderful indavedual,god bless her geo.h

Alias    Posted 09-04-2004 at 14:11:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hello there geo. h.,

Talk about missing things, I can't find my 3/8" socket wrench anywhere. Have you seen it. I've retraced my steps over and over and over, and I asked everyone if they've seen it but so far no, now I'm asking you. Course, I don't really expect you to know anything about it seeing as how you live so far from Maryland. But, what the hay, stranger things have been known to happen.

At any rate, it good to see you posting again. A lot of people are either on vacation or getting geared up for hunting, or, trying to get in a few more days of fishing, or making preparations for winter and don't stop by as often. But, we had a lot of new people stopping in from time to time. And, like yourself, I take this opportunity to welcome them all.

I saw the track of that storm across Florida and to the best of my memory, Cindi and DD are either in, or near, harms way. So, I encourage all the C/L friends to say a blanket prayer for everyone there.

According to the almanac, we are in for a hard winter. My Grandpa could predict the severity of the comming winter based on how many times a particular area was hit with fog during August.
A lot of people dismissed his theory as the rantings of senility but, they'd stock up on wood and other thing just to be on the safe side. And, sure enough, when ever he made a prediction, the weather always proved him right.

Speaking of ranting, that enough for me. Geo you take care and I'll look for your post next time. seeeya,........gfp

Patria    Posted 09-04-2004 at 17:04:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
The socket wrench gotta be under...or behind something else..:-)

Maggie/TX~Lenore's Birthd    Posted 09-04-2004 at 13:52:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
I don't know if she said or not but it's January 22. :)

Patria    Posted 09-04-2004 at 16:33:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks Maggie..:-)

geo. h    Posted 09-04-2004 at 16:43:26       [Reply]  [Send Email]

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