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Country Discussion Topics
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Loose Dogs
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KellyGa    Posted 09-09-2004 at 09:13:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
I went outside this morning, two hours ago now, to pick up debris and put my barrier fence up and mow the front. Generally get things back to normal since all the wind and rain. Out in the street, I see one of the boxers from across the street is out, again. This time he has a companion, a beagle type mix dog. I noticed them because the collar was jingling where the beagle mix had broken loose. I went across the street and told the neighbor her dog was out, she called him, he went in. Then there was the matter of the beagle mix. Well, seeing as he looked hungry, I went in and got a paper plate and opened a can of dog food, put half of it on the plate. I walked up the street with a leash and the food. He didnt seem too trusting at first, but he was hungry, and while he ate I slipped the leash around his collar. After he ate, I took him to my house and got him some water. He had an expired shot tag and a tag that had his name, Rufus, and a phone number on it. So naturally I called the tags phone number, and let it ring, and ring, and ring. No answer. What to do with the dog?

I called Mrs. Johnson, the Forest Park animal control lady to come out. I figure she could take him and get him safely back tohis owner, and discuss his expired tag and his thinness also. She was already out on a call, so I had to wait for a while.

Finally she drove up, BUT...about the same time a guy came walking from down the street saying that was his dog. All fine and good, but now, he had to answer to Mrs. Johnson about the expired tag. She said she would meet him back at his house.

She tells me they have been really strict on people about their shots for their animals because there has been racoons and a fox was even spotted in the Chick File' parking lot. As we are talking, the neighbors next to the one we just spoke abouts dog was loose! So, she had to go tend to that dog. I let her go and do her job. I told her we have 8 more months here and we are out of here, she says she doesnt blame me a bit. She may work in this city, but she moved a while back to the country. She is retiring soon too, and woe is the people left without her, it will be a mess, cause she says they are thinking of not replacing her, and that leaves the county to look after any animal control issues, and they take forever to get out.

I spoke with her for a few more minutes, she knows I have chickens, but she chose to ignore it, she says only if someone complains would she have to do anything about it. She and I have a long history, and she likes me a lot, she knows I take care of my animals well, so she and Ihave a rapore. So, for now, I am safe, and I kinda feel relieved that she knows and didn't do anything to me. She is a good lady.

Now, the guy that owns Rufus, has had enough bad luck already. Come to find out, the reason the dog got loose is he is the one with the tree down over his front yard. I feel I have only compounded his troubles, but dangit, he should take care of his dog. Should I go up and apologize for causing him more problems? Or just let it go. If the dog had not been thin, I would have probably just held on to him. But...I felt whoever owned him needed to be spoken to about it.

Why is it most people don't see animals as I do? At the very least, they are entrusted to you, depend on you to give them the proper care, and I go beyond that, but what is wrong with people? Why can't they even do the basics for their animals?

Jenk    Posted 09-09-2004 at 18:31:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
I, the Chicago suburbanite, would like to delicately dip my toe into this discussion...

Truthfully, I've not dealt a lot with people letting their pets run wild, although it does happen in the burbs. Our biggest issue is typically owners who 1) don't pick up after their pets (leaving the mess on anyone else's property but theirs) and 2) people who neglect their animals (those you see on animal rescue shows on Animal Planet).

I have loved animals from the day that I was born. I've had dogs, birds, fish, reptiles; I now have one cat (my first ever) and two birds. My husband and I both dote on them, the buggers. They are so good for us. I'll never understand how people can abuse the love of an animal, can break the trust of an animal. They are the greatest gift that we have on this earth, besides one another.


Mike Ga    Posted 09-09-2004 at 17:37:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
Don't count on the people that live in the country to keep thier dogs up. I lost 4 chickens last week to someones dogs. I have no respect for people that let thier dogs run wide.

Say it with me...    Posted 09-09-2004 at 09:27:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]
"That's why I don't like people."

I'm about to go check out a ridgeback (through ridgeback rescue) that a couple bought as a puppy from a PETSTORE and now are ditching at 1 1/2 years because they have a child. Thanks for the memeories, don't let the doorknob hit you in the butt on the way out.


KellyGa    Posted 09-09-2004 at 09:35:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yep, your exactly right, and for the most part, maybe thats why I like animals so much, they love you unconditionally. They dont care what you look like or how much money you make, they just love you, and want your love. Ridgeback eh? Let me know how that works out. :) Got a name picked out?

You know, I understand totally now why the man who sold me Tip is so protective of the border collie breed. It takes special person to handle a dog of that intelligence and they have a lot to offer, if you handle them right. But, without patience and love, they don't do well. No dog does. Now, he made the right call by selling her to me, I have exceeded in my promise to keep her when people say they want a border collie, I give them a lecture! I just don't want to see any more in the rescues than there already are.

Paula    Posted 09-09-2004 at 10:03:58       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I've had ridgebacks all along. I currently am owned by my first and my third. I tried to introduce another male to the pack (also from rescue) and my dominant one kept beating him up. So after a month of dog attacks I took him back to rescue (he'd gotten to the point that he didn't even want to go outside). My trainer thinks this female may offer a different dynamic to the pack so we'll give her a try. She's got a name, I haven't seen her picture, but have discussed her with my rescue coordinator.

She is a petstore (puppy mill) puppy so her health is crap. She had giardia and worms as a puppy so she has chronic bowel inflamation and UTIs. They can be controlled with allergenic food and I intend to put her on Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato. Frankly I feel that people so foolish as to buy her from a store, and so silly as to give her up for their baby probably also got tired of dealing with her health issues.

Yoshi came from a petstore mommy but was whelped in rescue. His inherited health was bad (3 dermoid sinuses in the neck) but his outlook is good. I don't know what to expect from her since petstore pups are taken early, not socialized and are raised in cages.

I know what you mean about BC rescue. It's full because people think they want a smart dog to live in the city with no job. So they get a BC that goes nuts herding raindrops, barking incessantly, etc. I think taking a dog that has been hard wired to work and they telling it to essentially go sit in a corner is cruel.

As for good breeders: I tell people one sign of a good breeder is your walking away from the first interview thinking "who does that b*#ch think she is!"


KellyGa    Posted 09-09-2004 at 10:19:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
LOL! You crack me up! Yeah, Dewey told me right up front he didnt like to sell to just anybody. He said he wasnt in the habit of selling to city folks, he liked to know his dogs were working. He said he had a good feeling about letting her go to us, so he went on his gut, and I never let him down. Course, he thinks she is spoiled, and she is, but she is a good, well trained dog. I keep her busy, and she keeps me busy, This time of year is the the most fun, we get to go do our thing at the fair. I wish we could do it every day of the fair, but since Shelby is in school I can't.

Sounds like you have your heart into the ridgebacks. I know your love, I too have a love for all border collies. I think most people just don't have the time for animals. WIth me not having to work, I have lots of time for Tip. If I worked, I would have never made a commitment to have a border collie. Sounds like you are a great persont hat any dog would be proud to call his or her own ;) I know about that whole they own you thing, lol. Take care. I feel better knowing there is a kindrid spirit out there. :)

JDK    Posted 09-09-2004 at 09:26:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
Stop beating yourself up,you secured the dog and took the necessary and legal steps to reunite him with his owner,ie:"You done good".Without your intervention dog could have been hit by car,shot as stray,been torn up by another dog.The owner violated the pet laws,period.You did more than your civic duty.Case closed,no apologies/further conversations needed.

KellyGa    Posted 09-09-2004 at 09:36:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
You are absolutely right! Thankyou! :) I feel much better.

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