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Country Discussion Topics
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Open Range Laws different States
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Willy-N    Posted 09-09-2004 at 11:41:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Here is a Link to a site that explanes it better for different States. All depends where you live on how they deal with it. Mark H.

KatG    Posted 09-09-2004 at 11:51:26       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Thanks Willy-N...yes that article explains alot of what I was a wandering...I was surprized to see that Arkansas has some open range..and even more to see that Texas don't have open range...I am from Texas and seems that when I was a girl there was cattle running freely...But that has been 35 years ago

KatG    Posted 09-09-2004 at 12:13:51       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You know we got cows...chickens...etc..and I don't want nothing I have bothering anyone..and nothing bothering them either...We have got fences...cross fences and gates we kept closed and locked..We are all in alittle rural neighborhood..we respect each others privacy and property...If my animals did any damage I would feel responsible for it...KAtG

Willy-N    Posted 09-09-2004 at 12:30:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
Where we live this area is all fenced to keep the cattle inside it. That is why they call it Open Range. For hundreds of years it has been this way. The Ranchers use the land to feed the Cattle in. Over the years more people have bought up sections of land inside this area understanding the Range Rules when they built there homes. Most of the time the problems happen when a new person buys a place from another and does not relise what Open Range is and that is when the problems happen. The Ranchers that use the Range also live here and own large sections of land some smaller. When we moved here we were told and seen it in our Title Search and reviewed the Laws pertaining to it. So we built fences around the areas we do not want the cattle in. We also have several fenced pastures we don't want the other cows eating the grass because we need it for ours when they come home to stay. It realy is not a problem to deal with it by building your fences good. The problem is when a new person moves in and all of a sudden he or she want the rules to change for them. It does not go over very good to the other 100+ land owners who want it this way and it has been there way of life for who knows how long. We only have so many areas we can still run cattle this way because of City Folks wanting the rules changed to there standards. It is a way of life here and they made laws to protect it. Beside I enjoy seeing the cattle ranging in the open, when the new calves are running all over it a neat to watch them. Not much left of the Old West that is why I moved here so I could enjoy it not change it. Mark H.

puldeau    Posted 09-09-2004 at 12:59:30       [Reply]  [Send Email]
willy, sorry to hear about your incident, and i agree, some people just dont think about what could happen when they get to chasein cows, or any other kind of farm animal. we were never allowed to chase any of them. thoughtlessness can be expensive. here in Arkansas, if there is any more open land for livestock, i am not aware of it. , but when it was, things were a lot slower and folks looked out for each others stock. Think now its the wildlife that creates the damage to vehickles, and during tourist season, bad roads, high speed, bad curves, and people are their own worse enimies. hope you the best.

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