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Poor Little Kitten :(
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KellyGa    Posted 09-17-2004 at 21:02:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well..we had a busy day..ran errands here and there...My friend and her daughter went with Shelby and I since they had some time to tag along. Afterwards, we stopped at MoJoes to get some supper for everybody and take home. We went in, got our food and as we were leaving heard this blood curdling MEEEEEEEEEWWW! SO little, yet so loud. We immediately knew it was a kitten in distress somewhere right we all set out food down on the sidewalk and started squatting down and looking under the nearest car.

Low and behold, there sat, right by the front passenger side tire of a car, a little tiny white kitten with a smear of dusty black color on the top of his head and a dusty black tail to match. Couldn't have been more than 5 weeks old.

What lowlife human or should I say INhumane being would leave such a little tiny baby out in a parking lot???? Just dump it feelings...I hate people. >:(

We got him out from under the car and Tiffany plopped him in her lap and we proceeded to name him Sadie...thats a long A sound, but it was derived from SAD..cause he just was so pitiful and sad til we got him.

He had fleas, so we stopped by Petsmart and I ran in and got some kitten flea shampoo. Got him home and put him in Karens house next door, they normally rent it out, but it is vacant right now. Gave him food, he was so hungry, and water, he was so thirsty. Got him all comfy for the night and left a small lamp on for him. Going to give him a flea bath tomorrow and go through him with a flea comb for good measure.

Now what is so odd about all this is when we were leaving, we rode in front of Target, and what did my eye spy...but another kitten! Just sitting there looking lost ont he sidewalk in front of returned buggies. He looked about the same what are the chances???

I think somebody was dropping kittens off in parking lots...what is wrong with people? It just makes me so mad. Tiffany asked why somebody would do such a thing. I told her there are just a lot of people in this world that see animals as throw away things, just things to own, nothing more, and when they tire of them, or they become an inconvenience, they toss them out. :(

We tried to catch the little one...but he was too scared and ran, we looked for him for a bit..but never found the poor kitty. I sure hope another kind hearted soul picked that one up before it was too late.

We did save one life tonight though...and that is alright with me. :)

Cosmo    Posted 09-18-2004 at 04:06:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Kelly, if someone with a box of kittens offered me one outside a store I would politely decline. But if I found a kitten in distress outside that same store I would pick it up in a heart beat and take it home and care for it. People are strange ain't we?

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