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deadcarp    Posted 09-19-2004 at 07:00:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
like most people, i don't quite know what to make of iraq. i'm thankful saddam is gone but it's still a mess and we're still taking fire. one guy on tv said it best i think - he felt our military polcy was right on track with what we usually do - "ready, fire, aim" :)

mud    Posted 09-19-2004 at 09:52:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
sure glad you are back on here.

i figure we ought to pull up stakes an leave the dam place. they'll sort the mess out. i reckon they'll have 3 seperate countries by the time its over. i dont want anymore of our people spillin their blood there. i hate the dam place.

my nephew comes home from his 2nd tour next week. we lost the neighbors cousin's boy, and a ball player from our local h.s. lost his life 2 months ago. i sick about it.

if we pull out we have lost good people for what? if we stay in we lose more good people for what.
you hit the nail on the head dc. it is a mess.

Clod    Posted 09-19-2004 at 07:14:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
I had a feeling we were going to have a tarbaby to deal with.But we had no choice .Either remove Sadam or fight him later when the Russians were helping him rearm. Hope you are doing OK today.

STEVE19438    Posted 09-19-2004 at 07:26:10       [Reply]  [Send Email]
there's nuthin wrong with our military policy, it's the friggin politicans that screw up things. (as usual)
CLOD; why did we HAVE to remove SH?????????

Cindi    Posted 09-19-2004 at 08:03:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
An exerpt from 'Saddam's Bombmaker' Khidhir Hamza...

Taking readers into the darkest corners of a regime ruled by a volatile, brutal leader, Dr. Hamza, the only defector who has lived to write a firsthand portrait of Iraq, also presents an unprecedented portrait of Saddam -- his drunken rages, his women, his cold-blooded murder of underlings, and his unrivaled power. If pushed to the wall, Saddam will use the bomb that Dr. Hamza helped create.

"I am lucky to be alive," writes Khidhir Hamza on the opening page of this memoir, which reads like a thriller. Hamza describes how he helped Saddam Hussein design a nuclear bomb over the course of 22 years. He has an amazing story to relate, and with the help of collaborator Jeff Stein, he tells it remarkably well.

It begins with his cloak-and-dagger escape from Baghdad in 1994, then goes back in time to describe the education he received earlier in the United States. Hamza returned to his native Iraq, and Saddam seduced him into accepting the comfortable life of an atomic scientist trying to build a bomb for a megalomaniac.

Hamza presents a terrifying, almost psychotic portrait of Hussein himself: the dictator--a man with "yellow, lifeless eyes"--has a paranoid fear of germs and a taste for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. He's prone to drunken rages and relies on sedatives to keep control of himself:

"His personality grew more erratic with the ups and downs of the drugs, the liquor, and the pressures of command." Hamza recounts a story told by one of Saddam's doctors, in which the strongman was found "stomping about his palace bedroom in a blood-splotched shirt" near the body of a woman whose throat was slit.

Hamza was eventually kept under house arrest, and even threatened with torture. His escape was an astonishing feat, and the message he brought to the West is vital:

"I have no doubt that Iraq is pursuing the nuclear option." The Gulf War slowed development, but failed to shut it down. The coalition that knocked Saddam out of Kuwait has fallen apart, and United Nations inspectors no longer try to keep him in check. Hamza urges policymakers to confront Saddam, and suggests that the CIA redouble its efforts to help topnotch scientists flee from their virtual captivity.

If rogue nations experience a brain drain, he says, their capacity to produce weapons of mass destruction will suffer.

Cindi    Posted 09-19-2004 at 08:15:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
Editor's note: This is the conclusion of a two-part interview with Laurie Mylroie, publisher of the online newsletter Iraq News and author of "Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein’s Unfinished War against America." See part one, Saddam Is Behind the Terrorist Attacks.

NewsMax: What’s the evidence that Saddam is also behind the anthrax attacks?

Mylroie: ABC News reported on October 29th that at least two labs have concluded that the anthrax used in the U.S. was coated with two additives linked to Iraq’s biological weapons program: bentonite and silica. These additives make anthrax particularly lethal by preventing spores from sticking together, enabling them to float and making anthrax easily inhalable.

Bentonite is a trademark of the Iraqi weapons program. Iraq is the only country in the world that uses it.

The German newspaper Bild also reports that according to Israeli security, Mohamed Atta, who organized the 9/11 attacks, was given a vacuum flask of anthrax when he met with the Iraqi counsel in the Czech Republic.

We also know that Saddam has enormous quantities of anthrax. In 1995, before U.N. weapons inspectors were expelled from Iraq, they estimated that he had produced 2,000 gallons of anthrax – enough to kill every person on earth. God knows how much he has now, in addition to his weaponized smallpox and other deadly biological weapons.

NewsMax: So why haven’t we seen massive biological attacks on the U.S. so far?

Mylroie: Saddam knows that the only way he can survive is if others are blamed for the terrorist attacks on America, at least for now. So initial attacks have been small, but much larger attacks are being planned.

The Iraqi newspaper Babil, published by Saddam’s son, clearly spells out their strategy. The September 20th edition predicted a three-stage American war on Afghanistan: 1) air attacks, 2) escalating air attacks and ground troops, and 3) a Vietnam-style quagmire and growing Muslim counterattacks.

Babil says during the first two stages Iraq will not publicly involve itself in the war because "[Americans] will watch Iraq accurately and seriously. If we do anything, Iraq will be attacked, not just like the attack of 1998, but perhaps like the attack of 1991 [the Gulf War].”

However, once we reach stage 3 – a Vietnam-style quagmire – Babil warns, "At this stage, it is possible to turn to biological attack, where a small can, not bigger than the size of the hand, can be used to release viruses that affect everything.”

Again, this is what an official Iraqi newspaper was saying on September 20th – before the first anthrax attacks.

Also consider that the anthrax attacks we’ve seen have been progressively more lethal. The first attacks didn’t kill any postal workers, just people in the vicinity of the letter. Then postal workers and bystanders were infected, and we have a more sophisticated form of anthrax that floats around.

The next stage could be antibiotic- resistant anthrax, which Iraq can easily make. The attacks are getting more and more sophisticated. It’s a clear progression, testing our defenses.

NewsMax: Does Saddam also have nuclear weapons?

Mylroie: He has everything he needs to make several nuclear weapons, perhaps more, with the possible exception of fissionable material – plutonium or U-235. And he’s doing everything possible to get them.

NewsMax: Under what circumstances would Saddam use nuclear weapons.

Mylroie: If his back is to the wall. It’s called the "Samson strategy.” If Saddam knows he can’t win, he will kill as many of his enemies as possible before he dies.

That’s also when Saddam would attack Israel with his Jerusalem Army.

NewsMax: How would you respond to this threat if you were president of the United States?

Mylroie: First, I’d do everything possible to minimize casualties and risk. I’d ground all crop dusters and round up everyone who might be responsible. Then I’d go after Iraq.

I’d bomb the Special Republican Guard that keeps Saddam in power. I’d bomb his 40 palaces and anyplace else he might be. I’d work with the Iraqi resistance to get rid of his corrupt regime. I’d do whatever it takes to put Saddam in his grave.

The State Department doesn’t want to do it. Bush doesn’t want to do. But we have to do it, and the sooner the better. The only alternative is to wait until Saddam launches a massive biological or nuclear attack on the U.S. that kills millions.

Clod    Posted 09-19-2004 at 09:01:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
To Steve up there who ask why we had to remove Saddam? Because we failed to finish the job in Desert Storm #1. by the way..Mister Kerry had been on record that he was all for removing Saddam from power .It is a matter of record,Look it up. We had a choice.Either take the risk of getting Saddam ,Or take the risk of letting him operate in the dark. If anyone says there are no terrorist in Iraq,they might explain what the system is there where masked men grab civillians and chop their headsoff. Or load a car with a bomb then blow up civillians on a crowded street.I call that terrorism. Should we just back out of Iraq and let those folks gain control? I dont think so.

steve19438    Posted 09-19-2004 at 09:10:28       [Reply]  [Send Email]
as long as SH was killing his fellow country people (not americans) i really didn't give hoot what he did.
lest we forget, we armed him to the teeth when he tried to defeat iran.

Cindi    Posted 09-19-2004 at 09:26:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, the thing is, Saddam never exclusively killed just his own people.

Everyday we learn more about his history and intents. He needed to be 'interrupted' on many levels. So did his boys.

Clod    Posted 09-19-2004 at 09:44:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
We could just sit back and wait for ,,Maybe France,Maybe Brazil,Maybe Switzerland to make the world safer from terrosit attacks here in the USA or the planet.But it is they who wait on us to do the job.They complain loudly and critisize the USG on this matter..But we have the ball ,We are on the field.They are in the grandstand. The spectators always know more than the guys on the field.Untill they are asked to take the ball and run with it. Howard Cossell knows more about boxing than any boxer alive.Just dont ask him to jump inside the ropes.

steve19438    Posted 09-19-2004 at 10:13:40       [Reply]  [Send Email]
vietnam, then cambodia, then thailand, then......
hey; ever wonder why the bushy people aren't usuing SH as a election tool? cause he's a dunce and knows nothing.

Cindi    Posted 09-19-2004 at 10:54:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
No disrespect intended, but I think it's because nobody realy wants to be associated with him in any capacity. Least of all as a stepping stone to political success, oh wait...except for maybe Kerry. (grin)

Cindi    Posted 09-19-2004 at 09:51:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Very true.

It's always easy to second guess the one that's making all the choices and decisions. Problem is, the naysayers rarely have a plan of their own.

Clod    Posted 09-19-2004 at 11:56:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hello Steve.Saddam is a guest of the US now.I remember so well when he stoop up with a Russian SKS saying..Come and get me! Well,, We came .we got.I am very proud of our military. We could have done the same with Uncle Ho.The US had half a million good men in the south guarding when they could have hit right smack in the middle of source the maunure pile.By the way,The most dangerous enemy was right here in the USA.They are still here doing the same thing they did then,Giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

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