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Trip Part II
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Alias    Posted 09-21-2004 at 13:20:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
The trip part II

A day or so before we left, my son asked if there would be a motel we could stay in while there. I assured him accommodations would be provided. How can you be so sure, he asked? Well, I replied, I know my people and I have only one fear, and that is, they will hound us near to death to stay. Before this trip is over, you will be treated like royalty.
You see, Dan, hadnít been there since he was about 6 or 7 years old.
And, on that occasion we were crowding too much into a short vacation and didnít spend the night. And, just like I predicted, we had no reason for want while there.

Now, when we got down to a place named Glade Springs, Va. we left Interstate Highway 81, and traveled in a southerly direction on route 91 until we came to Mountain City, Tennessee. We stopped there because my road atlas is not up to date and I wanted to find out if there was perhaps a faster way to Roan Mountain than what was shown. Now, as fate would have it, we stopped directly in front of the local republican headquarters.

Knowing Iíd find a friendly face in the place, I went inside to make my inquiry. I learned there were no new shortcut to our destination. But, I met some very nice people that loaded me up with campaign literature, W-04 bumper stickers and lawn signs. And, seeing as how Iíve lived my entire life without being dependant on government handouts, I feet it was my patriotic duty to spread the word in favor of my party. So, I took the stuff with the intent to distribute it amongst any unbelievers to the cause.

When we arrived at my cousinís place the call went out and the next evening, several of my kinfolk showed up to make us welcome. Among the group were his sister and her husband and his daughter and her husband. Now, there were others but these two men, Troy and Bud, bless their hearts, openly admitted to belonging to the opposing party.
Now, as anyone who knew us then will attest my cousin and I was constantly teaming up to play a practical joke on somebody when we were boys. And, this would provide another chance for the two of us to reclaim a bit of our youth.

The evening went along very good. Following a meal fit for a king, we went onto the front porch and before you knew it someone produced a guitar and someone else got out her mandolin. The first thing you know we had us a regular old time mountain hoedown. As everyone took turns singing or joining in, I called Charles off to the side and told him I had some bumper stickers. Well, I could see the gleam in his eyes. It was as though we were a couple of adolescents all over again.
well sir, we sneaked away from the crowd and went about the business of plastering G. W. B.ís win stickers on Troyís and Budís Bumper.

I saw Bud a couple of days later and asked where he got the sticker. He took the whole incident in a good-natured manner. I havenít heard from Troy yet. But, I expect heíll respond in like fashion. And, Iím sure it will be a point of discussion for some time. And, I can just hear Charles reminding them that for a short period in time they unknowingly did something right............gfp

Steve from TN    Posted 09-21-2004 at 13:58:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Good story and great joke. I got a nice letter from the Dems last week along with a picture suitable for framing of the two dem candidates. At the bottom of the photo was a short thank you for my helping them to beat the dastardly repubs and asking for mo' money. I ain't sent the first cent. I'm thinking I got Burr's mail by mistake.

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