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Late report
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 09-25-2004 at 06:13:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Waking up on the wrong side of daylight yesterday, I was late on the get go. Belly rattlers taken, an hour lurkin’ her to no avail, breakfast out of way, the power Co. has two of the biggest bucket trucks out front looking to fix the highline. So, winding up going with them I’m even later for chores. Chores easy here to dump some cat food. Down the road got a last steer, a bull in the bull pen, a couple cull cows, their calves and a couple orphans in another pen, plus the yearling heifers off the end of the barn. It weren’t for special blends it would just be a dumpin-grain, forking the hay and running.
Still putting away yesterday’s tools, getting out today’s, Roy decides to plow. Cussed 2150 Ollie’s been ready to go since last Spring. It’s real good to see my brother Roy behind the wheel. Two/three day window left to plant rye, one day wasted yesterday. By supper time he had managed to roll over about six acres semi-heavy clay.
Myself I manage to make an unfinished mess of the tenant house kitchen counter. Arm wearing out about 5:30 it is lasting longer each day. Did the chores and thought some of putting in my own tractor time on the way home.
Swing some gates this way and that in my western yard a few cows are passing for a water break. All of them but one, I see her coming and I now what’s on her mind, I had to head her off before the rest of her mob got the same idea she had a better idea or notion. Not quick enough she managed two feet inside the last gate before I could get there let alone close it. I tried yelling ahead to back her out. It didn’t work. She took my actions as an encouragement and commenced to make herself even more comfortable heading for a feed trough. She was looking for the promise of corn. I was looking for this area to be an empty place to run the tractor in.
In spite our differences of opinion she took to standing her palates ground. She knew what she wanted and knew where I wanted her and I wanted her out, I waved my hate. Not for a hello but for a verbalized “Rasch!” and an “Auhtung!“ with an aggravated snap of the crown “Schnell!” repeating myself “Schnell schnell!” and another “Rasch!” In Sally’s face I’m hollering “Nein nein!” A look of rejection, refusal, and disappointment she turned and headed for the gate. Half way through she stopped turning, swinging her head on her long neck she looked back at me as in ‘Are you sure?” Rasch!” I hollered once more, here whole body reflecting the words I had laid on her. And, there are some who say animals can’t talk or express feelings.
A few moments later I loaded out the turd hearse for scattering the farm‘s profits on the morrow. Do to it’s weight and density I opted only a half load. Anything I dislike is to have to hand unload by hand to repair a broken link. That’s when this job really stinks. Kind a sticks in ones nostrils, if that is imaginable. A couple more similar loads these yards below this house should be in good shape for this Winter‘s mucking around in.
Keeping up with E-mails not easy, was pleasant none the less. I’ll be obnoxiously catching up another day friends! He he (grin).
Well anyway, this was going to be last nights post, even if it is this morning.

KellyGa    Posted 09-25-2004 at 06:53:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey Y'all, and I got to hear her protests! Thanks for sharing Fern! It was a real treat. :) Nice to know you were thinking about me. :)

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