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Duck attack - PLEASE help urgently.
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Anna    Posted 10-02-2004 at 20:18:20       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi, I've been searching the net for quite a while for info but the only thing that might give me a chance seems to be this message board.

To cut a long story short - A fox found its way into our small chicken pen last night and killed/took one of ducks and injured another, as well as killing two of the chickens.

I'm 17 years old, the rest of my family wont be home again for another 2 days and I have no way of getting to a VET let alone paying for it.

I was wondering if there was anything I could do for the duck. Presently he is sitting down and I cant see the wounds. However, my family was still here very early this morning (shortly as they had to leave in a hurry) when it happened and my dad told me he had two punctures or something on a note.

I cant see anything but I dont want to move him in case I do something worse. Should I try an bandage him with something somehow? or should I take him inside tonight when it gets a little colder? or should I leave him there?

Mainly - Is there anything that I can do for the duck at all?

Thanks heaps.

Bkeepr    Posted 10-03-2004 at 05:46:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
It'll be tough to do by yourself, but my wife and I have had similar experiences and have about a 50% success don't feel bad if you try and lose your duck.

Gently check the wounds, clean with warm soapy water as best you can--a little soap and a lot of water. If the wounds aren't too bad, swab with an antibiotic salve. We use a triple-antibiotic from the drug store, it is based on Vaseline so it is waterproof and helps keeps flies away.

Now the hard part: AS soon as possible, (assuming you don't plan to ever eat the duck) you'll need to start a round of antibiotic injections. We use pennecillin with a very fine needle on the birds, about 22 guage. Use a small dose (which means a small syringe so you can measure) of something like .2-.4 cc. We inject .2 cc twice a day for a week. Inject into the plumpest part of the breast, and use a short needle.

As I said, we have about a 50% success rate overall, if the bird isn't in really bad shape perhaps higher. This will be very hard by yourself, so do the best you can.

good luck!
Tom A

Judy in NC    Posted 10-02-2004 at 20:26:00       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Just relax hun.

Some more knowledgeable folks will likely reply, but until then I'll step in.

My tendancy in situations like this would be to keep the animal as quiet as possible. I'd let it stay in it's familiar surroundings unless the animal is used to being petted and talked to alot. In that case it might encourage it to be nearer you. If you can possibly close up the quarters where your other chickens and ducks (if you still have others) are sleeping, please do, because whatever came before will come back for more.

Tomorrow in the light of day, if the animal is not too exciteable, I'd try to examine it and see (for your sake, since you're caring for it alone for a couple of days) how severe the wounds are and if there are any signs of infection - if there are post back and the good folks on this board will advise you.

Stay in touch and we'll all help in any way we can.

Judy in NC

Anna    Posted 10-03-2004 at 01:56:01       [Reply]  [Send Email]
thanks massively :)

I'd fixed up the pen so they should be alright for the night. Basically my duck has moved around a little - like to get a drink, which I will deem as better then nothing.

I'll leave him in his coop as he is used to that. I'll post back tomorrow when I check up on him, and I'll probably look at the wounds then. So far he seems rather placid and I don't think he'll go crazy if I try and examine him.

Thanks again.


KellyGa    Posted 10-03-2004 at 04:59:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you have any antibiotic cream, or antibiotic ointment, find the wound, take a Q-Tip and apply it liberally to the wound. This will help with infection.

I had a chicken that had a face wound. All my chickens are pets, so, I got one of those 90 quart see through bins, spread hay in it, set it on the dining room table and let her rest in that at night, during the day I would let her perch on the side of the bin (I put bricks in it so it wouldnt tip over). The reason I isolated her is that chickens will "worry" an imperfection in another chicken. They may be trying to groom them, or help, but it only makes it worse, so I let her heal up in the house.

Just my experience, mainly keep an antibiotic on it, keep her plenty of fresh food and water nearby. Sorry to hear this happened. :( I hope she/he gets better soon! If they can make it through the shock of getting attacked, and have a few days to rest, usually they are out of the woods and will heal up.

Anna    Posted 10-03-2004 at 22:38:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
yeah thanks. All my chickens/ducks (well, the duck part chouldn't really be a plural now) are pets.

I might know what you meen about the chickens. I found one that had also been injured by the fox that I didn't know about when I first posted. All the other chickens were trying... well... maybe it's just crazy chicken behaviour but they were like 'you go in the dirt now'. interesting.

So I think I'll be doing that seperation buisness for the chicken.

I'll go and grab that ointment now. Daddles (the duck) is looking a little better today but he's still not moving much. But yesterday he wouldn't move when I came near, now he does a little quack and waddles over a bit. Is it right that he isn't moving much do you think? shock?

Thanks for the help :) and thank god for the net. I'd have no idea what to do otherwise and finding out I could have done something later would have been too evil.

I'm thinking....    Posted 10-03-2004 at 05:19:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
......olive oiled, roasted for dinner.

KellyGa    Posted 10-03-2004 at 15:28:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Fern, you hush up chickens might hear you ... and then what? I will have to send all ten to therapy for the mental scars you have bestowed upon their delicate ears and young minds!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, you know I don't eat my chickens, lol.

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