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Country Discussion Topics
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??? ( Pitch)
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Chad K    Posted 10-04-2004 at 05:50:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
I just wanted to throw my thoughts in here. It's been a busy weekend and I haven't had much 'puter time.
I'll agree with the others. Your daughter/son (I can't remember which) needs to get to know these people better. When the guy down the road started hiring Mexicans all I heard was about the same thing you did. "we're going to have to lock everything up now"..."they all smoke pot"..."lazy S.O.B.'s"

Now I'm ashamed to say that I thought the same way....
Untill I worked alongside them! Other than the language barrier, I'd rather work alongside them then most of the Americans. They will outwork almost anyone, and do it without complaining. Not to mention, as you noticed, very gratefull. I had one guy try to give me $20 for opening his car after he locked his keys in it.
Are they all that nice? No.
Are all whites good people? No.
Sterotyping IS a bad thing...

Chad, way up here in Wisconsin

hey pitch-    Posted 10-04-2004 at 09:14:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
aint nothin wrong with speakin your mind here.
i gave a lot of thought to what you said about your daughter and them folks from south of the border. kids rebel and say the damdest things to their folks to see what reaction is there. them testing the waters is part of their development.
thing is, she has to learn that all of us are created equal. that is where to start. if she masters that she will handle life better than if she dont master that. trick is giving that kid guidance without overkill. whole lot of us have been too hard and/or too soft in rearin our offspring. it can be a slippery slope at times. hang in there. mud

Jet9N    Posted 10-04-2004 at 05:59:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
I too have a neighbor that has about 8 Hispanics
working for him in a dairy operation. Says the
same thing, dependable and hard working. Like you
say there's good and bad in all races. When I was
in the army I used to say, "I don't care what
color a man is on the outside, as long as he's
not black (evil) on the inside".



Chad K    Posted 10-04-2004 at 06:06:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
"I don't care what
color a man is on the outside, as long as he's
not black (evil) on the inside".

Well said, I feel the same way.

Pitch    Posted 10-04-2004 at 16:49:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well I waited until she got home from school today and I had cooled off some and her Mother and I sat her down to talk. She admitted that she had no basis for her beliefs except for the talk from other kids (probably the same ones that badmouth the Amish neighbors). I assigned her a few extra chores and gave her a most hated lecture. Hopefully she will realize the error of her ways. They have to do community service for their civics credit so I strongly suggested to her that it would be good if she signed up for the county health clinic outreach, it does'nt start till November but it will put her into contact with a few of the late workers and some of the other less fortunate folks in the community.

good report    Posted 10-04-2004 at 18:16:51       [Reply]  [No Email]

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