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Some Good, Some Bad
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KellyGa    Posted 10-05-2004 at 17:46:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thats what my day has been made up of. Noticed one of my buffs acting a bit unenthusiastic about the, I went out with a cup of seed treats, and everybody came running, she looked over from where she was sitting, decided she might haul herself over to see what I had...but decided not to eat any of it. Now, we all know, chickens are eating machines, so I knew something wasn't right. She just looked kinda droopy in general.

I ran (actually...I drove..) up to the feed store and got some Terramycin, dosed up a small waterer with it, got out the old brooder bin, put hay in it, a brick to set the waterer on, a small dish of food, and went and got her. Set everything with her in it on the dining room table. She seemed releaved to be in a restful quiet place, and took full advantage of it by napping the day away. She has been drinking the water this evening, so I hope she will be better soon. Don't have a clue what is wrong with her right at this point.

That was the bad, but..on a good note, Tip and I practiced today, she ran the course, flawlessly, everytime, so proud of my girl. She is gonna knock the folks out at the fair, I can't wait.

Got another bit of good news. Had to call the man we bought Tyler, Shelbys Flemish Giant Rabbit from. Told him she and him were going to be in the Ga Natl Fair this coming up weekend, needed some infoo about his pedigre that..then..he mentioned that there was gonna be a real big show up in NC coming up the weekend of the 24th. HMMMMMM....Says its onlya 5 and a half hour drive.....hmmm.....says he WON with his rabbit last year, out of over 80 Flemish...hmmmmm....asked me if we'd be interested in going, told him I would ask Shelby, that it was up to her, since that was the weekend of her birthday. We had planned on taking her to Six Flags for her I wasnt so sure she would want to go to NC instead.

I presented the information to her, and guys and won't believe it, she wants to go to NC! It is a really big deal, its even in Shelby, NC! HA! Breeders from around the country come, so it will indeed be a big deal! So...I guess in a couple of weeks we will head for NC! WOW! I have never been past Tennessee! Ought to be fun. :)

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