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Country Discussion Topics
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mojo    Posted 10-06-2004 at 05:06:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
There is a rental house a mile south and another about 3 miles north of us that college boys rent. A group of 5 or so whiz by VERY fast and we live on a hill so they can't see over the crest, I'm afraid someone might get hit. Those things are LOUD! Sometimes they'll go by slower if they have their girlfriends with them and even slower if the girls are driving. The latest they've gone by was 11:00pm, but that was only once.
The wife complains bitterly because of the racket, but I say if I was a few decades younger I'd be joining them.
The only concern I have is sometimes they'll have a conference in the road and pull over into my yard. I mow a quarter mile frontage with a 5' wood mower and at one point I straddle a good size ditch that looks level but is a pretty good drop off. Just worried one will fall into that. But I wouldn't want them to stop in the middle of the road either. Just pray the young bucks don't get hurt.
They had a blow out on the 4th that must have been a real shindig! Vehicles were parked crazily along the road til noon the next day! Man, too be young again....

screaminghollow    Posted 10-06-2004 at 09:00:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
When I was young and rode a motorcycle, my parents insuisted that I could not even have it unless it had a proper muffler, that I never drive it up the drive way to the house and that I never start it unless I was next to the street. (We lived in a development where there was only 20 feet between houses and driveways were only 70 feet long.) I drove the motorcycle to work everyday for three weeks before the next door neighbor even knew I had it. She saw it and said something to my mom about the noise, that now that I got the cycle could they make sure I keep the noise down. When my mother told her I had it for the past three weeks, the neighbor couldn't believe it. She actually complimented me for thinking of others by keeping the noise to a minimum. It was really my parents who were thinking of others. We've got two idjots in the area who drive their cycles to work, thrid shift. They sit on these bikes at 10:30 pm and rev them for five minutes before they leave the driveway. One of them is so loud, I can hear it almost a half mile away.
This "get away with what you can attitude" wasn't caused by courts, or schools, or liberals, it was caused by parents who spoil their brats and fail to teach any responsibility to the community.
(Last week, I suggested that a client do some community service work, like a few hours with Habitat for Humanity. "Why the heck should I do that?" he said. I told him he's looking at a felony conviction and he needs something on his "citizenship resume" to show the judge he doesn't deserve time at the state pen. Of course, if he'd rather spend his time at the pen, instead of some community service, that's his choice. No guarantees of course, but this judge looks for some contribution to the community before handing out a sentence. Then he asks if they will pay him, cause he's a union carpenter.
I don't understand how some folks go through life and feel no responsibility to their own community. There is a trend which seems pretty clear though. Those that don't do any volunteering and make no contribution to the community are those who seem more disposed to be charged with crimes. )

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