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Country Discussion Topics
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Renaissance Festival
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mojo    Posted 10-10-2004 at 05:49:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Took the Ma-n-Pa-in-laws to the festival yesterday. It's amazing what some people do with their time! And it's even more amazing what some females do with their cleavage! Some I very much appreciated but there were others that should have stayed at home or at least dressed more modestly.
One vendor sells skelton heads and bones. Draft horse hoof bones for $20, head for $25, also fox, coyote, bobcat, lion, and a bunch others. Lion was $250. Then there was the pelts at outragous prices.
On the way home they got to bragging about a place that had big tenderloin sandwiches that covered the plate. I said that was nothing! Stopped at my favorite tenderloin place for carryout and they put them in pizza boxes, 18" across! We won that bragging rights!
They leave this evening so tomorrow will return to normal, been the best visit we've had with them in some time.

KellyGa    Posted 10-12-2004 at 08:59:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
We have one of those about this time of year, only been once, but it was fun!

farmall    Posted 10-10-2004 at 12:17:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]

I usta belong to an organization that recreated the middle ages. Fought in it for over 25 yrs. Got both collarbones fractured, and 2 broken ribs, same place, right side. Still would like to fight. Cant find the time, but, the interest is waning. Ive been in wars where there were over 1000 on a side, unfortunatly, not our side, lol. fought for and against castles, been on fields where 2 doz diff types of catapults were working. Loved it when I was doing it

Grove r    Posted 10-10-2004 at 08:44:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mornin, Mojo...know what ya mean when people start bragging 'bout of the youngest daughters boy friends, she is 32! came to the house for supper one nite....the menue was clam chowder, our style, with fried smoked bacon, chopped, onions, taters and all.......he said he didn't particularly like clam chowder, but would try a bowl anyway....well, after 'bout three BIG soup bowls full, he said he was full....tried to tell him he would be back for more in a bit....."nope"!! so he put his dishes in the sink and went outside for a cig......came back in, a few minutes later and dug his dish and spoon outa the sink and had another couple goes .....needless to say he took a lot of ribbing over that one....Lots of things us "boondockers" do that blows the minds of those that stop by and care to "observe".... one other thing on the "menue" our style of pizza, comes out 'bout two inches thick, and so dang good ya pretty near bust afore ya quit eatin'!!! One little trick to the good eating is in the seasoning...we use a mixed spice called "Cavenders Seasoning"...dang hard ta get by times, but well worth looking for....have a goofer, R.E.L.

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