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Hey JamesGa
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KellyGa    Posted 10-16-2004 at 04:14:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
We were over in your neck of the woods yesterday afternoon I believe. Went and looked at a house on 10 acres with a 2 acre pond. It was just off 16 right before you get to 100. Just before you get out of Carroll County and into Harelson.

Man oh man, the pictures hide what we saw. This man was all by himself, he was an older man, looked like he was rocking on 70, but other than being nearly deaf, he got around real good. We drove down the driveway, covered in crushed tin cans? Never heard of doing that. Dogs everywhere, and all of them looked like they had dropped pups and were drying up. One black lab looking dog, several beagles. We hadn't called ahead, so we were going to leave and the man came out as we were leaving. He got in his truck and found us up on the road next door to him, that property was for sale also and we were reading the sign. He invited us to come on back down, so we did.

Over to the right is a pole barn, it was in pretty good condition. He had fencing EVERYWHERE. Barbed wire strung everywhere. A poor old buckskin horse named WIllie of only 2 years old over by the pole barn, in need of a bath and brushing, and probably a hoof cleaning. The dogs followed us everywhere. Behind the manufactured home was a beautiful pond, BUT...we knkow why the ad said as is now. He just can't keep up with the place. Debris everywhere, just by the pond, two old car camper tops, old rusty cages, a delapidated fishing boat, boards, trash, stuff, just junk. ALl around the house there were broken cars, two broken tractors, which I wouldn't mind having to restore, so that wasn't too big of a deal. I cannot convey to you the amount of junk all over the property. It would take 10 people to clean that mess up and haul everything away.

Then there is the matter of the land. It is sloping, the ground was dirt and chipped sharp jagged rocks.

I am sure it means a lot to him, he has tried to work hard on it and keep it up and its just too much for him, but for the price he is asking, he ain't gonna get it. Its just so trashed. I feel bad for him, I hope he does get what he is asking, but it won't be from us. It has the potential to be a really neat property, but man, it would take A LOT of work, and we have done a lot of work when we moved into this house, we are looking to move in to somewhere and enjoy the place, not work ourselves to death on it.

Anyway, just thought I would tell you we were over your way. I see Jenny was sick. We women are stubborn, we dont like to go to the doctor, no time for the doctor, got too many things to tend to. :) Glad she is feeling better. My daughter calls my mama Maw Maw too. :)

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