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This is Amazing
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benthrduntht    Posted 10-16-2004 at 15:57:19       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I am an AP Economics teacher who wanted to prove to my students that get rich quick schemes did not work. Imagine my surprise when the money started coming in from this simple program! By using the letter below, I have personally received over $100,000 to date and the money keeps coming in.
Here is a chance to get a lot of money with no costs what so ever, and no obligations. Why not read the rest of this amazing story...
THE FORWARDED LETTER Dear Friends: Greetings: I am a retired attorney. A few years ago a man came to me with a letter. He asked me to verify the fact that this was legal to do. I told him I would review it and get back to him. When I first read the letter my client brought me, I thought it was some "off-the-wall" idea to make money. A week and a half later we met in my office to discuss the issue. I told him the letter he originally brought me was not 100% legal. My client then asked me to alter it to make it perfectly legal. I asked him to make one small change in the letter. I was still curious about the letter, so he explained to me how it works. I thought it seemed like a long shot, so I decided against participating. But, before my client left, I asked him to keep me updated on his results. About two months later, he called me to tell me he had received over $800,000 in cash. By now, you are surely curious to know what small changes to make. If you sent a letter like this one out, in order to be completely legal, you must actually sell something in order to receive a dollar in return. So when you send a dollar to each of the names on the list, you must include these words in the message box, "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST" and include your name and email address.
At the time I first tried this idea, I was earning a good living as a lawyer. I told myself if things worked out, I would retire from my practice and play golf. I decided to try the letter again, but this time I sent 500 copies. Three months later, I had totaled $2,341,178!
Here are a few reasons a person might give for not trying this program: - Some people think they can never make a lot of money with anything this simple. - Some are afraid they will be ridiculed for trying - Some dream of large sums of money, but do nothing to actually achieve it.
The system works if you will just try it. But you must follow the simple instructions exactly, and in less than three months, you will be looking at $800,000 !
LETTERS FROM PARTICIPANTS IN THIS PROGRAM: My name is David Rhodes. In 1992 my car was repossessed and bill collectors were hounding me. I was laid off and my unemployment ran out. In October of 1992, I received a letter telling me how to earn a large sum of money anytime I wanted. Of course, I was skeptical. But because I was so desperate and virtually had nothing to lose, I gave it a try. In January 1993, my family and I went on a 10-day cruise. The next month I bought a brand new Mercedes with cash! I am currently building a home in Virginia and I will never have to work again. This money program really works perfectly every time. I have never failed to receive less than $500,000. This is a legitimate, money-making opportunity. It does not require you to sell anything or to come in contact with people. If you have always believed that someday you would get the lucky break, then simply follow the instructions and make dreams come true.
Larry McMahon, Norfolk, VA Six months ago, I received this letter and ignored it. Five more came within a period of time and I ignored them also. I was tempted, but I was convinced that they were just a Hoax. After three weeks of deliberating, I decided to give it a try ( not expecting much ). Two weeks went by and nothing happened. The fourth week was unbelievable! I can't say I received $800,000 but I have received over $120,000. For the first time in years, I am debt free.
INSTRUCTIONS 1. Go to and open an account. If you donít have an e-mail address you can get a free one at Forward a payment of 6 dollars through your new PayPal account, 1 dollar each to the six people's e-mail address listed in the bottom of this page. Select "Service" as payment type. In the Subject field you should write "Mailing list" and in the Note field write the following phrase, "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST" and include your name and email address. What you are doing is requesting a legitimate service and you are paying for it! 2. Now take the #1 name off the list that you see at the bottom, move the other names up (6 becomes 5, 5 becomes 4, etc...) and add YOUR name as number 6 on the list. 3. COPY this letter. Remove the name next to the #1 on the list (the list at the bottom of the message) and move the rest of the names up one position (#2 becomes #1, #3 becomes #2, etc.....) Then place your name and your e-mail address (which is your payment address at payPal) in the #6 position. 4. When you have completed the instructions, type the address of one of these search engines.
In the search box, type "message forums" or "discussion forums". A list of over 2 million boards will come up. Go to each board name and right click on the mouse. Select 'copy'. Then go to your "write mail" box, as if you were about to write a letter and select 'paste'. Do that until you have at least 200 locat1ons. The more boards you find, the higher your income potential will be. The search engine will give you a ton of message forums; don't just grab the ones on the first page, dig deep and grab some from the middle and the back also, to help make sure you're visiting places no one has been to already.
Post this article as a new message by highlighting the text of this letter and selecting paste from the edit menu. Fill in the Subject with "This is pretty amazing.......", THAT'S IT! You're done with your first one,
Post it out again in six months, but Post it with the addresses you receive with each dollar. It will work better the second time. NOTE: This service is 100% legal - (Refer to title 18 section 1302 of the U.S. Postal &lottery laws). You can also call the U.S. Post Office (1-800-725-2161) to verify this. Hold on to every letter and mailing list request you receive. They will be proof of your service.
HOW THIS WORKS When you send out 200 Posts, it is estimated that at least 15 people will respond and send you a $1.00 to be placed on your mailing list ($15.00). Those 15 will Post 200 Posts each and 225 people send you $1.00 to be placed on your mailing list ($225.00). Those 225 people Post 200 Posts each and 3,375 people send you $1.00 to be placed on your mailing list ($3,375.00) Those 3,375 post 200 posts each and 50,625 people send you $1.00 each ($50,625). Those 50,625 post 200 posts each and 759,375 people send you $1.00 ($759,375.00) And so on, but so far you have received $813,615.00.
P.S. This program remains successful because of the HONESTY and integrity of the participants and by their carefully adhering to the directions.
3) 4) 5) 6)

jfky    Posted 10-16-2004 at 16:29:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
ap classes are a complete joke and serve only the elite at public schools

another $6 get rich thing    Posted 10-16-2004 at 16:07:55       [Reply]  [No Email]

deadcarp    Posted 10-16-2004 at 16:00:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
yawn - another person looking for money.:(

Grove r    Posted 10-16-2004 at 19:23:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Big ten four DC...I am also looking for money, but my quest does not include this type of get rich quick scenario.... I prefer to take the longer, more proven, path to psuedo beliefe is more, in it's truer context, is merely a tool, or a means to an end... when one makes it into a god, that must be worshipped, with propper sacrifices, loss of freinds, etc, and shrines built in its favour, better than the Joneses material objects.... then one becomes a slave to it's every whim.... seeking, chasing, becomes chained to the idea that more is better, so one can be more popular, when in fact one becomes LESS popular with greater riches......when I say I am also seeking "money"...I do it to "stabilize my way of life...not to be a social climber with the intent of "looking down my nose" expenditures usualy create more work for me...the latest of which, building a shop, will make it easyier, hopefully, to work, there, in inclement weather, on machinery that creates more work, for me..... I have no neeed, or desire to be monitarily friends and family are my wealth, and I try to keep up with no one but me...and I am a slackard, at"Mr get rich quick professor".....for lack of a better term......take a hike.....R.E.L.

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