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Country Discussion Topics
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I Just Saw (Political) ...
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Peanut    Posted 10-20-2004 at 19:11:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
... Two back-to-back ads for the Presidency.

Ketchup-boy says he can ensure all healthcare insurance premiums are reduced by $1000 (up to this amount, of course). He also said that no child would be without guaranteed healthcare. This is why I posted that message yesterday about managed healthcare >>>> I am not yet a believer but I like the concept.

Way-boy then came on and said that he supports small employers to band together to get low-cost health insurance premiums that the big corps get. Great idea if I were to start my own business. What happens to the rest of us?

Neither one of these Jacka$$es said how they would pay for this. So here is my take on it:

Ketchup-boy - Raise taxes and let the gubberment pay for your needs (and decide when you get treatment).

War-boy - Pass legislation that forces the insurance companies to accept "banded" small businesses as one company for lower rates. The insurance companies begin to lose 1,000% profit margins and then decide to increase rates for ALL OF THE INSURED. Get treatment and pay out the wazoo.

No matter what we still pay more for less.

Either way, we are where we are today??????????

What do we do?

A few ideas...    Posted 10-21-2004 at 14:01:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
Take the command denominator out of it (government), put it in the consumers hands and return competition into the equation.

1 Insurance pays you - Once you get the settlement you can decide if you want to turn over $45,000 to a doctor or just live with your ailment.

2 Drop the whole punitive damage crap. They did something that warrants punishment, throw'em in jail. "But they screwed up", you get a refund + compensation.

3 Stop government provided payments. Pretty much like #1, give it to the consumer (dead beat or not), they go buy something else, they have to live with it.

4 Stop this $150 for an autograph crap. Allow doctors to charge whatever they want, but by the hour! If you wanna pay for it, he stops by - he's your for an hour, play cards.

5 This ones on you, if your not hurt, bleeding, or dying, Don't go to the d@mn emergency room. Every time I have ever been there over half are there for nothing but a freaking band aid and/or an aspirin.

Clod    Posted 10-20-2004 at 19:29:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
O do not like the price of medical treatments.I am seldom ill,,So I only go to a doctor if an accident happens.Like at work. But if you give liberals the power to change things they will exclude me in efforts to get the minority vote.Anything free ,(So to speak) Will go to folks who come here illegally for just that reason.They told that highway building jobs are good for American workers and the tax dollars are well spent.But the workers with those jobs are not born here but came from our southern border. So for my opinion.I will just stick with the Republicans. I am no worse off.

REt    Posted 10-20-2004 at 19:57:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
I do hope you have insurance though, a medical bill can really wipe a person out. Causeeee, one of these days you are going to get something that is unexpected. Stepson is in Ft Lewis Wa now, heading for Tx in a few weeks.

Clod    Posted 10-20-2004 at 20:10:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yes,,Ofcourse.I am a rich Republican Ret,, Did you hear that all Republicans are rich? Ft Lewis is a nice place. I liked it there. Except out at Yakima fire center where the snow gets two feet deep. Tell that boy he will like Texas. he wont have any mountains to climb everyday here. It is all flatland.

Burrhead    Posted 10-20-2004 at 19:25:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have and idea how it would work with King George at the helm. Just like his *leave no child behind* education plans and his social security and medicare plans work.

If you wanna see how the medical insurance works under Scrub do a Jeeves follow the money search on Bill Frist, John Ashcroft, Tommy Thompson.

When you see who is 50% owner of HCA(the largest for-profit hospital/medical corp in USA) and who also had the power to push thru legislation on the current medicare provisions plus the new prescription laws, it is scarey to think of 4 more years of the same thugs in office.

Clod    Posted 10-20-2004 at 19:33:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
OK..Let hand the bills to the taxpayers,Who cares what their cost is.Taxes are an endless natural resorce. free energy!

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