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PTO driven wood splitter 'help'
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D'lane    Posted 10-25-2004 at 16:33:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm without help, since DH is gone .. and have got to start splitting some firewood. However, all I ever done was stand and assist in the stacking after it was split.
I need help, and quickly .. on learning how to hook up(?) the hoses from the PTo 'driven' splitter to the ol tractor.
Don't have long till cold will be coming on. And I'm very worried that I'll be caught up the creek without my paddle.
No one in family close by, or any neighbors to request aid from.
And assistance is apprechiated.
Or should I try to go buy a different type of splitter. I'd have to try to sell this one first?
I can and will learn this one - I'm that determined. REally don't have money for any other now anyway.
'help' ?

Bob/Ont    Posted 10-25-2004 at 21:41:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
D'lane, tomorrow get all the parts together in one place, splitter tractor and hoses. Then come back and tell us what all the stuff looks like. Are the hoses loose or hooked up to something? do they have couplers on the ends? Things like that.
Later Bob

Fawteen    Posted 10-25-2004 at 18:22:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
I think we may have a terminology issue here. Do you really mean "PTO driven"? To me, that means that the hydraulic pump for the splitter is driven by the tractor's PTO shaft, and "hooking it up" involves one simple step, hooking the pump to the pto shaft.

Or, do you perhaps mean a splitter that mounts to the three point hitch and actually drives off the tractor's hydraulics, which involves connecting hoses to hydraulic ports on the tractor. If that's the case, then we'd need to know what kind of tractor, whether or not it has remote ports, and possibly a couple of other things.

Clod    Posted 10-25-2004 at 16:42:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
Looks like a job for the brushog boys. You just check back by..These guys will flood you with good info here. Pictures too.

D'lane    Posted 10-25-2004 at 16:46:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Great! .. I'll be watching and checking-in here more often this evening then.

Oh .. and 'thanx' Clod!


D'lane    Posted 10-25-2004 at 16:54:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
I"ve just realized that you had the word PICTURES in your post !!
Now, would that not truly be a God-send !

Clod    Posted 10-25-2004 at 17:01:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
There is a lot of helpful people here who do this kind of thing every day and will assist you in getting your wood splitter going. I just asked something near like you asked here recently and they all came to advize me.Some even posted pictures here to show me what to do . If you come back by 9 central time the crowd will cover the subject for you.I hve learned a lot here from thses guys. Even info on big new D 8 dozers.But they come later,Just check by in awhile.Good luck.Dont worry , They have the info you need.

D'lane    Posted 10-25-2004 at 23:33:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
Is it not obvious that this is quickly becoming a matter of urgency for me? ha

So, I shall offer my apologies for failing to provide more specific info about the splitter, of which I should've known to do so.

I did have a neighbor come over .. and he apparently knows far less about it than I!! However, I sensed that he may have been more afraid that I may would attempt to recruit him to do all my wood splitting for me. I must give him proper credit for at least putting forth a good 'air' to try to assist me. So, that's what I've been doing just about the entire time. And now, I've missed the splitter gurus'. Just my luck.

This is something that I shall have to learn to do, one way or the other .. and shall/will not expect nor want anyone to do it for me. I can and I will master this. Just hopefully before the winter.

You guys have got it on the ball tho'. The splitter is not PTO driven .. as I'd stated earlier. There are hydraulic hoses that must be connected to some other hoses, on the kabohta tractor. I am unsure as to which hose associated to the splitter must connect to which hose on the tractors 'ports'.

Will I risk blowing out any gaskets or seals, or just simply 'blow up' anything, on either the splitter or the tractor - should I happen to connect the hoses incorrectly? I have no desire to risk doing damage to the machinery, or to myself, for that matter. ha

I know that there is a return hose, and then the other hose, that makes the controls work correctly on the splitter. It stands to reason, that the hoses could be crossed .. and the splitter not function correctly, or not at all.

If I can manage to get the hose connections mastered, I shall have no difficulty in working the splitters controls. I'm most confident that the aspects of the functioning of the splitters controls will be a virtual breeze. And am much aware of the many dangers associated in watching out for myself and my hands, in particular.

I'll be checking back again in the morning. Maybe some of you have been up half the night also. Surely things will begin to ease up for me, one of these days. Things could certainly be far worse, right ?

Many many thanx to you all.



rayinmo    Posted 10-26-2004 at 06:39:50       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hook it up[connect the hose's], the only likely result of hooking them backwards is it will change the direction you have to move the control lever to make it split, if hooked wrong try tomake sure that there is no pressure on either hose before unhooking and changing positions. Wish you were close enough that I could come get that baby started for you. I suffer from osteoarthritis but I enjoy helping when I can. Gives me a reason for hanging on. Good luck.

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