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Woke up with a strange feeling
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New-Gen    Posted 10-28-2004 at 05:57:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
This morning I woke up as usual, consciousnes creeping up on me slowly as usual, all the circuits in my brain coming to life one by one, then making contact with the other circuits of my body to properly do the voluntary and involuntary movements.
But as I lay there something didn't seem quite right. I couldn't quite make the connectionas to what it was in my afore mentioned semi-concious state, but it was there.
My first panic came when I tried to roll over and my legs wouldn't work! Then I realized what was different....I COULDN'T FEEL MY LEGS!
I laid back down, my brain now coming alive with a jolt, all kinds of worst case scenerios racing through it!
I have a bad combination going on, I'm a hypochondriac with a deathly fear of doctors. I really don't know why, whenever I'm forced by one circumstance or another to go to one they always give me a clean bill of health. Other that the times I've had to be patched up from one escapade or another, the only time they ever even saw fit to work on me was the time they took out my appendix. {Come to think of it they did screw up on that one, I ended up back in the hospital with an infection}
This morning I lay there in a state of panic, thoughts of hospitals, ambulances,re-hab going through my mind, my normally over-active imagination kicking into overdrive.
Then, shocked into full comprehension o fthe situation, my brain finally diagnosed the proble.

I had 83Lbs of Labrador Retreiver sound asleep across my legs.

(Hey, at least I didn't call 911}

bob ny    Posted 10-28-2004 at 06:04:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
for a minuite i was wondering . at our age we don't get them strange feeling any mire well not too maney

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