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Country Discussion Topics
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That Darn Cat
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Farmer-Gene-WI    Posted 04-28-2002 at 07:44:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
I've been clearing a fence line of brush, usually I take the tractor and trailer but it was cold and windy so thought I would just throw the saw and stuff in the back of the pickup and ride in comfort. On the way back I heard a funny sound I thought was maybe a loose fan belt so I stopped and checked the engine but everything seemed fine so I got back in the truck and I heard it again, looked under the seat and there were 5 baby kittens. A few days before I had left the window down so she musta put them in then. When I got back to the house I called the cat and started putting the kittens out on the ground, the cat came took one of the kittens and jumped in the truck with it. I said oh no you don't and got them all out and hurried up and shut the door. Don't know why she can't hide them in the hay mow like normal cats. Last year after I had all the crops in I decided to go fishing, took the cover off the boat and there was kittens, except these were little spitfires, all teeth and claws, they got up in the hollow sides of the boat so I couldn't reach them so they went fishing with us. When we were out on the lake I said to my wife, wonder how muskie would like those kittens, she says you wouldn't dare, I said let them stick their head out here and we'll see. Of course I wouldn't have, but the conversation got pretty lively,for awhile I thought I might have to swim back to shore.

Mark A    Posted 04-30-2002 at 10:06:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
The loose fan belt sound, and a cat, was leading me another way. I once started my truck on a cool morning, and heard a "ping"/"ding" sound, and saw a screetching cat running at about 7/8 the speed of light. Definately over the speed of sound, as I think I heard a faint sonic boom.

WallSal55    Posted 04-28-2002 at 14:45:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
Our cat climbed in a hole in my hubby's '86
mustang convertible top, and had the kittens
on the floor. Two kittens, died, so she moved
the live kittens to the back floor. By the time
they were 6 weeks old, my husband found them.
(Cat hair all over.) Then he thought he had to
move them. (This mother cat is strange, and she
will abandon kittens if they are touched, or
she thinks she's tired of the whole shabang.)
I told him Not to move the kittens as they were
her first successful litter she has had, and not
abandoned. He didn't listen; moved them; she
abandoned them 2 days before they were weanable.
So, guess who (me) had to keep them alive for
the next 48 hours by dropper. Then they were
ready for the saucer and dish. Another cat had
her kittens on a brown paper sack on the workbench in the shop. (Hole in shop wall.) So, it pays to patch up any holes you may have!

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